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Me...54lbs lighter (with PICS!)

I don't post too frequently, but I wanted to share my last 10 months. 1/1/12 I decided I'd had too much - I felt fat, miserable, frumpy and unhappy. My life felt like all I did was cater to my children (I'm a SAHM to twin girls - just turned 3, and a 21 month old boy). While that's fine, I felt like I never...and I mean, NEVER did anything for myself.

My 5th wedding anniversary:

My 6th:

How I did it:

In Jan. I started tracking calories on myfitnesspal and doing the 30 day shred. I did it everyday. In Feb. I started adding 15 mins. of elliptical time after the 30 day shred - did that the whole month too.

**Disclaimer - the first picture I had actually LOST 16lbs already. It was 2 months into my workouts - I felt too gross in January to get in front of the camera, but I really regret that now. The 2nd picture was taken last month.**


In March I decided I was ready to commit to scheduled workout plan and could handle 45 mins. or so - I was already in the habit of getting up early to workout and tracking my calories.

So, I started doing Chalene Extreme - a more challenging weight lifting routine with some HIIT, too. I lost 10 lbs my first month and 8 the next 2. (26lbs total during the course of the program. I was SOLD. I bought Turbofire and Insanity next.

By this time, DH decided he wanted in - he wanted to start Insanity. So, we did Insanity twice in full - he's hooked now too! (He wanted a break inbetween, so I did TF during that time).

Right now we're doing the Asylum (day 9...Vertical Plyo...O.M.Gah!) and I've already ordered Asylum Vol. 2 because we just LOVE the programs. It's fun, challenging and bonus - it doesn't take up much space or equipment (which is great for us b/c we're tight on space).

Anyway, I'm down 54lbs since 1/1/12 and pretty much at goal weight - though I still have a post baby belly that I'm looking to improve. I honestly think that (with the exception of my stomach) I'm in the best shape I've ever been. My arms and legs have a TON of muscle - more so that even when I used to go to the gym daily. My stomach has a lot of muscle too - probably more than ever before, but I also have an umbilical hernia so it's not as obvious.

Words cannot even describe how much BETTER I feel - in general - healthy and happy. I didn't realize how down I felt about myself until the weight started coming off - and that unhappiness was affecting so much of my life. I didn't want to leave the house, I felt awful. FWIW, I wasn't always big. Pre-TTC/IF I was about 4 lbs more than I am now - and that's where I spent most of my adult life, so I feel much more like "myself" now.

Anyway - a few days ago I set up the camera and got in front of it (had the hubster push the shutter for me). No liquify, no debagging. Nothing. I didn't want to PS my success (though the debagging could do me some good...IRL! lol!)

Here I am now. Happier, Healthy and much more fashionable (sidenote: the boots were my weightloss present to myself). I still feel like a goober in front of the lens, but at least I feel like I look better :)





Thanks so much for letting me share my story here.

Re: Me...54lbs lighter (with PICS!)

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