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Itching & Hot Spots: St. Bernard

I just found what seems to be a hot spot sore on my girl's shoulder.  We have an almost-three year old St. Bernard named Molly.  She has always been a paw licker, but she seems to be really itchy lately.  We checked her for fleas - nothing, no fleas, no flea dirt, etc.  We tried a bath (we use a natural and gentle formula for her).  We went over everything in our house trying to think of any changes from cleaning supplies, to laundry detergent, to anything that might have tracked in from outside and are coming up with nothing!  Nothing is working and now I found this sore/hot spot.  

I am going to try and get her into the vet in the morning, but has anyone dealt with these?  Not sure why she is so itchy and just don't know what to do for her.  One of our vets (not my favorite one) told us before that we could give her Benadryl for the itch, but I don't want to give her this every day. 

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Re: Itching & Hot Spots: St. Bernard

  • Our St. Bernard has the same thing.  He has such dry skin that he chews himself raw.  Our vet said that much can't help. My mom tried a dab of olive oil and IDK if it helped much.  We have also given him Benadryl and we didn't see much of a change. My poor baby is miserable.

    Hope you find something that works for her!

  • I don't know where you live, but the allergies have been extraordinarily bad this year.  It is hard to say what he is allergic to at this time but I am guessing it is something in the environment.  

    Frankly getting into the vet is probably the best thing you can do for a hotspot.  They are super easy to treat once seen but hard to get under control on your own.  I have had clients struggle at home for weeks trying to get it to heal on their own; once they come in for a clip, clean,and meds its gone in a few short days and the pups feel better in less than 24hrs.  

    Allergies are always very frustrating and unfortunately it may always be a struggle to keep him from itching. 

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  • Read the FAQs on the top of the board about allergies.  We treat hot spots with gentaved.  To prevent hot spots our dog is on zyrtec once a day and eats an allergy friendly food, natural balance duck and potato.
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  • Maybe she brushed up against something or rubbed up against something that happened to irritate that one particular spot.

    I don't know if treatments we can use -- aloe from an aloe plant or witch hazel or something else that can soothe skin that people can use -- can be used on dogs. Check with your vet; maybe aloe or witch hazel will soothe what she's got that's irritating her. Worth a try.

    They used to have spray on benadryl -- it was great; i don't know why they discontinued seslling it.:(
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