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How often ?

Is foreplay part of your love making routine ? Do you find yourself giving more then receiving ?

Re: How often ?

  • Majority of the time. And not really. I would say it's actually him giving me more but it's something I am working on
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  • I love to perform oral on my wife....Now she on the other hand does not like to perform on me....She has but said it makes her gag.
  • Like PP, majority of the time and I'd say I give more than receive, mainly because I don't enjoy it all that much. Plus I'm not as into having sex as often as him so I usually help him out when I'm not in the mood.

    Your answer to your own question... does she do other things for you and just doesn't like oral? I'm just wondering if you're asking to see if thats normal or something.

  • Yes, foreplay does play a HUGE role in our sex life.

    However, I do think my DH does more and this is definitely something we are working on. LOL

  • She will be sensual with her hands....however; even, now she is not very open to my pleasuring her...She said it is all due to her weight. Which I have a hard time accepting because, after 18 years of marriage she still is the same person who I love and am attracted to.(yes we talk about it) (and no we are not going to counseling) :-)
  • Not as much as I would like, but that is something DH and I are working on. And he definatly gets more than I do. But like I said we have been working on it.
  • I might get a tad more than my DH because in my eyes he is a "two pumps and a squirt" kind of guy and w/o anykind of foreplay on my end I probally won't come.  But I do sometimes give him some, after he gives me some or we will give each other some at the same time(69)
  • Foreplay is always apart of our routine, my wife won't get wet without it. Unfortunately for us I give a little more than she does. My wife hasn't been with a lot of guys and between the two of us is less experienced so I usually am a little more adventurous and willing to do more.

    In the end it all works out.  

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