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POLL: Which Keurig should we get?

DH and I are finally planning to get a Keurig either soon or as a Christmas gift.  We have a great Cuisinart that is less than 4 years old and nothing is wrong with it.  I've held off b/c I feel like I can't justify a new coffee maker.  BUT...we're ready...

For us:
We don't drink coffee everyday.  We like to add flavored creamers to our coffee. We look forward to the hot cider and tea options also. 

Which Keurig should we get?  Do you think the inexpensive Elite is good enough or go for a more advanced edition?


Re: POLL: Which Keurig should we get?

  • we bought ours about 2 years ago and love it! We have i guess the older version of the elite because we only have 2 cup sizes to choose from but it looks exactly the same as the one out there now. I would have liked to have 3 choices but at the time the next model up was too expensive.  i think the elite is fine since its just you two at home and you dont necessarily use it everyday. 
  • We bought one for our summer house at Kohls, and scored a deal in my opinion.  We bought the one that costs $119.99, had a 30% discount, scored $20 in Kohls cash, and received a 20% rebate check too.  This brought the price down to $40.00 (not including sales tax) when it was all said and done.  Granted, I took the $20 Kohls cash off that price too b/c it went towards a present that we would have bought anyway.  We love ours!

  • We went with the Keurig Platinum brewer.  It had a couple more cup sizes than some of the smaller ones and it is fully programmable.  We got ours from Kohl's as well.  I think retail was $179.99 and we had the 30% scratch-off coupon and a couple of gift cards from the wedding.  I use it every day, so the Platinum was the better option for us.  The cheaper version might be the better choice for you.

     As an aside...we were not big fans of the hot cider.  Maybe if we added some Capt. Morgan's :)


  • image tabithamarie813:

     As an aside...we were not big fans of the hot cider.  Maybe if we added some Capt. Morgan's :)

    To each their own, we love the cider!

  • I have the Elite and I use it every day, got it for about $120 at Best Buy. The reason I got this one versus the smaller mini-brewer is the water reservoir. Only thing is that you don't want to leave the water sit there unused for more than week or it'll start to taste weird and bacteria will start to grow. If you're going to use it less than once or twice a week, I'd suggest the mini-brewer where you pour water in each time you use it.

    Side note: If you register the machine on Keurig's website after you buy it, you get 2 free boxes of coffee when you buy 2.

  • The Keurig is an excellent coffee maker. Besides the selection of K-cups they also have really good technology within them. There are a lot of different models and choosing the right one really depends on how you are going to use it. The main difference between them is the different brew sizes they offer and the size of the water reservoir. You can check out this link for more helpful information:

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