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Crate Training Suggestion

Hi Everyone!!

I just got a rescue about a week ago and for the most part things are going pretty well.  She is being crate trained and while at night its going great the mornings are a different story.  In the morning after she's done her business and is fed I need to get ready and can't watch her so I put her in the crate.  Here lies the problem.  She goes crazy! Whining, crying, barking, the whole nine yards.  I even tried putting her in the bathroom w/ me and close the door and she gets upset.  Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Crate Training Suggestion

  • Why not fill a kong with treats and peanut butter and give it to her? Then she associates the crate with positive things.

    Just a question, are you concerned about her chewing stuff or being bad while you are getting ready? I don't watch my dog every second but granted I've had her a long time....

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  • Good idea! Honestly I didn't know what a Kong Treat was till a few days ago.

     Yes, we are concerned w/ her chewing stuff and being bad. We just got her and she's still a puppy.  I don't want her getting into something or accidentally going to the bathroom on the carpet.  I know once she gets older we will not have to watch her every second.

  • I wish I could offer some advice.  My puppy NEVER liked the crate.  He would tolerate the crate if we were gone, but he never tolerated it if we were at home.   We made it a very positive space for him.  It didn't matter how many treats he had, if we were at home, he thought of it as punishment. If we were out, he was fine and our neighbors reported he would not bark.  The same neighbors knew when we were at home and he was in the crate because of all the barking.

    I have a bulldog, so they are known for being stubborn.   

    Lucky for us he kept most of his chewing to his toys so he got freedom early.


  • im sure she is upset because she was in the crate all night and then is going back in. She wants to be out to play and be with you. We just finished using the crate with our puppy. In the mornings, I made extra time to take him out, feed him and have alittle bit of playtime with me. Then I either left him with toys in our room with sleeping husband or I brought him into the bathroom with toys while I got ready for work.  This seemed to work.

    As he got older he didnt need so much playtime in the morning, he got used to our routine and now goes back to sleep while im getting ready. 

    Every puppy is different so i'm sure you will figure out what is right for her soon. Good Luck!

  • Cover her cage with a blanket and give her the Kong treat, it should ease her anxiety
  • I think I may have found something that works w/ her.  I didn't put her back in the crate this morning.  I just kept the door open while I got ready and she spent the whole time laying on the couch.  When I had to put her in the crate I had no issues and my husband was able to sleep in a little!  I'll try this tomorrow and see if she just stays on the couch. Tomorrow hubby will be waking up at 7:30 though.  Wish me luck!!
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