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XP: Stitches?

*Warning: PIP @ end of post are yucky!!

I asked this over on PB but I'll ask here too

Our GSP got ripped by some barbwire while hunting this morning...or after getting t-boned & rolled by my IL's Weim...we're not sure. The cut is on the inside of his back leg, above his knee. Its about an inch long & a couple cm deep, & has a pretty big chunk of a skin flap loose. I will try to take a pic & post it

The bleeding has stopped, & MH cleaned it out a couple times w/hydrogen peroxide, then tried to wrap it up.

Coop doesn't seem bothered by it, I think its a little sore/painful after he's been laying down for awhile & gets up & starts moving around. He isn't showing any signs of shock though. MH gave him his nightly dose of Deramaxx early just in case he is in pain.

After much deliberation, & referencing all our dog 1st aid books, we called the emergency Vet (we live in a small town & all our Vets close at 12pm on Saturdays). After describing everything to the on-call Vet (who is not our usual Vet), he told me that Coop probably needs stitches, but whether it was something that needed to be done as an emergency was up to us....which I though was weird...I told him that's why I called, b/c I wasn't sure if it was something that needed to be done asap, b/c w/humans, there is a certain time frame you have to seek treatment....

Cooper has had 3 knee surgeries, one of which he developed a bad infection after, & I work in healthcare....Not that any of that makes me an expert on anything, but I atleast know what to look for in terms of an infection & know how to treat a wound.
Im perfectly comfortable waiting till Monday to get him stitched up, all of which I told the on-call Vet. He told us to keep doing what we are already doing; cleaning, neosporin, wrapping & watch to make sure he doesn't lick it, then see our Vet Monday.

This all makes sense to me/seems reasonable, but my question is, does this seem reasonable to you or totally out of whack??

TIA for any advice!!
Sorry if the pics are kinda gross!!! ....& crappy quality! Its in an awkward area & really hard to photograph! Its hard to see but the bottom part of the cut swoops down a little more & to the outside too, but its not as deep/as wide as the big red part shown



Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14


Re: XP: Stitches?

  • Hey there!

    Trixie tears herself up all the time, and honestly, that doesn't look too bad. Obviously keep an eye on it and get him in to the E-Vet tomorrow if you see signs of infection, but otherwise, I would just let the regular vet look at it on Monday.


    Also, as a rule, we don't use Hydrogen Peroxide for cuts at our house. Only rubbing alcohol so that the peroxide doesn't eat away at the healthy tissue.

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  • Also, we probably wouldn't even bother with stitches. EMT gel is a wonderful tool. It is sticky and helps to hold the wound together, and has antibacterial properties.
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  • Hey how ya doin??! Thanks for the advice! I knew that about the peroxide, I probably shoulda put that in my novel of a post Big Smile

    It actually looks pretty good today, the "dressing" fell off in the night, but the wound looks dry, which makes me feel way better. The only reason Im sure he still needs stitches is b/c of the big ole skin flap chunk. Its pretty meaty. We'll take him in tomorrow & maaaaybe they'll just glue it, I'd be thrilled if they skipped the stitches!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • only fresh wounds should really be sewn. At best they may be able to freshen the edges and sew it together but its possibly to late. They may just cut off the flap and let it heal over on its own. obviously that isn't as pretty takes more TLC and time to heal but that could be your only option now.
    DD born 1.25.15

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