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Dumb Question

How many appliances do you usually run at once?  I'm trying to tackle some laundry and dishes.  But, I'm nervous about running the dish washer and washing machine at the same time.  We live in an apartment, so I feel we have to be extra cautious.  Am I just being silly?  
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Re: Dumb Question

  • I also live in an apartment and the kitchen is on the other side of the apartment from the washer/dryer. I have never had any trouble washing laundry and doing dishes at the same time. We're also the furthest apartment from the water heater. I do not have a dishwasher though.

    Running the toaster oven, microwave and coffee pot all at the same time on the other hand.... that makes for some fun times after dark with no flashlight. :) LOL Good thing the fuse box is handy.


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  • You'll be fine to do that.  They will be on completely different circuits.
  • You should be fine the washer should be hooked into 220.

  • I live in an apartment and our stacked washer and dryer is actually in the kitchen closet. I have done laundry and ran the dishwasher at the same time multiple times. (I actually prefer doing all the chores at once, so they can all be running at the same time and afterwards we can enjoy peace and quiet)
  • Unless you're worried about the money of running them both (although running them separately will cost the same), then the only thing you'd need to worry about is which circuit which thing is on. My old house had all the kitchen outlets, even for dishwasher, on one circuit, so we could do only one thing at a time, but generally washing machines use a different style outlet, so they don't usually cause a problem with dishwashers, even if in the same room.
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