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Give me some tips of dating?

Hey guy's, I want your help. Actually i want some dating tips from you people like-




Place etc.

Please suggest me who already had this experience.


Re: Give me some tips of dating?

  • Where are you going on your date? I always give my mom advice.
  • Is this a date you're planning? Or one you've been invited on?

    I don't take gifts on dates.

    Dress really depends on the venue/time/season. I refuse to be uncomfortable. 

    Same goes for make-up. 

    ETA: Actually in terms of gifts, if I was invited to someone's house for dinner, I'd probably take a bottle of wine, but I would do that regardless of it being a date or not. 

    Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old
  • A) I'd never give a gift...? Never even HEARD of that lol unless maybe the guy brings flowers so X nay the gift.

    B) Dress & makeup depend on venue as people have mentioned. I'd just say don't overdo any of it meaning not to dress too sexy.

    My rule of thumb is to highlight only ONE feature at a time so if I'm wearing a short shirt, everything else is covered; if I'm wearing a low cut shirt, everything else is covered, etc. Same with make up, either go bold on the eyes and NOT the lips, or the lips and not the eyes. If you go bold everywhere it's overdoing it.

    C) I'm a fan of dinners as a first date so you get to chat but then can get out of there when the dinner is over if it was bad but can also extend it to dessert etc if it was good. 

    Pregnancy Ticker Owner & Creator of
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