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Have any of you been diagnosed with it, and what led to that (what types of symptoms)?

 I have been having chronic back/shoulder pain for the past 5+ years. It has gotten so bad in the last year that my muscles in my back will randomly lock and cause the worst spasms in my back, leaving me bedridden for days. The last 6 months I have had increased pain in other areas of my body, including shin pain and joint pain in my hands, fingers, knees and ankles. It hurts to wear my wedding rings. I'm constantly tired and my memory/concentration has been off, and I have a lot of vertigo episodes (none of these are debilitating, but it makes it hard to be a good employee). I have anxiety off and on (where my heart palpitates and my blood pressure skyrockets), for no reason. I also have been having bladder pressure (like between my back and bladder), which is not only uncomfortable, but annoying.I also have a permanent numbness from my hip going down the back of my leg all the way into my foot that I've had for 8 years.

I have always blamed all these symptoms on my stress, or just having a bad back from strain, but lately think something else may be going on. When I was reading about fibromyalgia, I saw that it was linked to endometriosis and TMJ, and I have both of those. I'm not dead set on the idea that this is what's going on, but it does seem to fit the most so far. What do you think? I have a physical coming up with my doctor next month, but just wanted some insight beforehand. TIA

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Re: Fibromyalgia

  • A complete physical is warranted, immediately.

    Have them check for thyroid issues and other possible autoimmune issues. That your memory and concentration are funky and that you're having anxiety problems makes me lean toward a thyroid issue, either overactive or underactive.

    You need to see a doc for the blood pressure increase and heart rate increease and palpations. This can be very very dangerous if left untreated. Can lead to strokes, blood clots and other issues.

    The bladder pressure is something else altogether. That merits closer examination to determine what's what.

    A complete physical ASAP. And that is as in immediately -- don't mess around with the heart rate, or the fact that your memory and concentration are not what they should be. GL.

    ETA: Thyroid issues can sneak up on you and they are NOT easy to diagnose. Every patient presents differently.

    My thyroid problems started with a singing voice problem -- sounds odd but one day I was singing along to a tune on the radio and I couldn't hit one of the notes.

    This was the start of my thyroid problem.

    About 6 weeks after that, my heart rate climbed to about 100 and I got dizzy spells -- that happened about a day or 2 before my heart rate climbed to 100. When my heart rate hit 150, I decided to get to a hospital and that's where my Graves Disease was diagnosed. 

    I had problems with my handwriting  too, not long after the singing voice issue happened -- it was sloppy and unreadable (this has to do with fine motor skills getting funky ) and I too was tired and irritable. After I was diagnosed, my tiredness continued for about a year and then it gradually went away.
  • Go to as many doctors (rheumatologists, endocrinologists) as you have to in order to get a diagnosis.

     My fibromyalgia goes along with my lupus/rheumatoid arthritis (they're still not sure which I have).  Meds help immensely; so does low- to no-impact exercise, like swimming and walking.  Yoga is supposed to help but it's too much pressure on my hands & wrists to put half my body weight there!

    A few lifestyle things I've found helpful:

    a) REST.  If that means a book goes unread or a bathroom goes uncleaned or whatever, so be it.  I make sure to get a half-hour to hour rest after work, and on the weekends I nap for at least an hour mid-day.

    b) Be cautious about sun.  Sunscreen, hats, shade - all necessary.

    c) Use tools whenever you can.  My jar opener is the bomb; it was all of $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I can't always open my gas tank without my high-falutin' gas tank opener.  Google on "arthritis aids" and you should find one.

    d)  If you're overweight, try and drop a few pounds.  It really relieves the knee and foot pain.  I still have 10 pounds to go, but I've lost 15 and my joints thank me for it.

    e) Keep a journal of pain, food, and activity.  This will help you and your doctor determine if there's a pattern or trigger.

    Good luck!

  • I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  A lot of your issues are similar to mine.  I have bad back and shoulder issues.  I have shin issues which has caused a bump to form.  I am always tired.  I have vertigo episodes since I was 14.  I have done back epidural shots and I just did another shot in my shoulder.  I take a lot of meds to help control my fibromyalgia.  I also have sjgroens syndrom.  I would make an appointment with a rheumatolgoist. 

     I hope things get better for you.  Hopefully you can figure it out with the correct meds and treatment. 

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