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I need a new form of birth control since I am having some difficulty with the nuva ring. I recently have started spotting a ton and my ob/gyn says it's most likely because the nuva ring does not contain enough hormones to stop the break thrus. I really don't want to be on the pill. I was before and I forgot to take it all the time and had my period like 3 times in a month. Also I just don't trust it, like if you get sick or something, did it really absorb? Anyways, H and I really have no interest in children, so I was toying around with the idea of getting the IUD. I am only hesitant because everyone in the free world keeps telling us we will change our minds about having kids - but I just don't see it happening. I have read that it may be painful to place if you haven't had children before. Has anyone had this before ever having kids? Has anyone ever had it removed before the 5 year mark?
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  • I'm on my second iud and will get a third next year. I have the mirena which lasts 5 years.  I've never had kids and like you, just got tired of the bcp with no sex drive, etc.  The mirena is nice that periods (for me at least) are merely spotting, like panty liner flow, but some don't even have that much (and I am not complaining!).  It did hurt during insertion, probably worse the second time and I swore I wouldn't do another, but 5 years have passed.....I'll pony up again at least one more time before I start to think about going closer to menopause and what's the better method to use.  My friend has the copper iud and loves the bc aspect of it, but I think her periods are heavier on it.  That's the reason I went the mirena, but I don't have a problem with the hormones in it.  I should say, that it does hurt, it was like period cramps for the rest of that day of insertion and maybe the next few days, but advil or alleve works on the discomfort.
  • I switched to Mirena for the same reason, I have never had kids and was nervous about the pain as you hear so many people say how awful it can be.  Honestly, it felt like a pinch and it was over, I did feel a little crampy for he next couple of days and bloated for a few days but the pain was nothing like I was thinking it would be...I have had it for nearly 3 months and no complaints!  I would talk to your dr, but it was the best bet for me at this time.  Good luck!
  • I had Mirena for about 4 years.  I loved it the first 2, the third year I grew increasingly anxious, got headaches everyday, was irritable, spotting 3 out of 4 weeks a month, and horrible cramps.  My obgyn said it was the hormones, tha there were many women complaining of the same symptoms, and her office refused to put them in any longer. Needless to say, when I decided to have it taken out, I ended up in day surgery for a dnc, because it had embedded itself into my cervix, at that point I had Adiana inserted (which is permanent)

    Some girls love it,,,, I just wasn't one of them.  good luck!!

  • I have the Mirena and love it! I've never had kids, and switched from the NuvaRing when I was having crazy HBC symptoms. I love that it is the most effective reversible form of birth control out there, that there's no withdrawal bleed (2 hour periods? I'll take that any day!), and that I don't have to think about it for years. Because I've never had kids, it was NO FUN to have it inserted, but totally worth it. I may have it removed to have kids before the 5-year mark, but my insurance covered the whole thing for a copay less than what I paid for one month of NR. It has more than paid for itself!

     For more IUD info, check out Lots of good representative information and experiences there. Good luck! 

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