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RSVP and Menu Help please...

Hi!  My girls' Halloween Themed Birthday Party is next weekend and am still waiting for several families to RSVP - I gave them until this Sat. 

So right now... my guest count is aprox. 30 guests -which inc. 20 adults and 10 kids.

It could go up to aprox.  45...

Party is from 2pm to whenever and people usually eat.  I have a face painter/ crafts lady coming and I will be doing most of the food myself in advance and twisting balloons.  Friend is also lending us a small bounce house. :)

Here is what I have planned so far:

Drinks: Beer, Wine, Sodas and Seltzer - need a cute another cute idea for drink.  Last year I made a green punch that wasn't touched because I don't have a punch bowl to display it in.  Maybe this year Santa will bring me one...


Warm Artichoke Dip with Crackers

Swedish Meatballs in Slow Cooker

Shrimp Cocktail

Tarheels Pimento Cheese Spread

IL's Antipasti

Freshly Popped Popcorn - in bags for the kids

Dinner Menu:

Pumpkin Stew (Beef Stew I bake in a Pumpkin) - serves 8-10

DH's Sandwich (He is going to make a very large Sandwich)

Tarheels Sweet Onion Corn Bake (1 Tray)

Wingit's Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese (I finally tried this! it is good)

Salad with Pecans, Grapes, Red Onion and Crumbled Blue with Balsamic

Ordering Pizza for kids from local Pizzeria



Pumpkin Cheesecake 

Chocolate Cake

IL's Bringing Something

Fresh Fruit


Favors: Pinata and Crafts from Kids


I feel like we're good the way it is... but would love one more Dinner Dish and Dessert to try -esp. if our guest count goes up.  I always send left-overs home and end up sometimes freezing things which is great for us anyways.

Thank you! 



Re: RSVP and Menu Help please...

  • I think you have more than enough.  In fact I might consider cutting some of it instead of adding to.  If you want something else though, my first thoughts were soup to add to the main and a chocolate dip to add to the fruit dessert.

    My only other thought was to add in some bread.  Put it with artichoke dip and reuse it for the stew.

  • Wow!  Yes, I think you have plenty!

    I agree with 6 that you could safely cut back, and I would suggest the shrimp cocktail since it's so expensive and not mandatory since you have other protein apps.  If you wanted to choose something else to eliminate, I'd choose either the meatballs or the antipasti, again because I think 1 protein app is plenty, esp when you have such a filling menu planned!  Love the popcorn bags for the kids :)  I always forget about the cheese spread but you love it so much you keep jogging my memory - I've got to remember to make it again soon!

    Dinner sounds fab!  There's a great variety there for if you want something casual or something more special.  Um, confession: what is "my" corn and onion bake? LOL  Is it the Paula Deen corn pudding?  I don't think you need another entree...bc if you think about it, any adults who don't like the first two offerings will probably sneak pizza from the kids.

    For another dessert, NOT that I think you need it, what about something like jam pinwheel cookies?  Makes kids and adults happy.  

  • Since you have so many adults, how about red jello shots served in syringes? I make these every year for Halloween, you can buy them on amazon

  • Oh, and serve the shrimp cocktail in a a hollow skull to look like brains :)
  • Your menu sounds great to me!  Plenty of options and offerings. 
  • Thank you so much for all of your input.  Will def' add bread and perhaps a cookie and nothing else...

    Tarheels - it was on Allrecipes.com and it was called "Sweet Onion Corn Bake" by Jeanette Travis.  I can't find it on their website now!  If you guys want - I can type it out for you.  My family loves it - I have modified it slightly though.

     Will let you know how our party goes and hopefully be able to post pictures. :)

    ~ "W".

  • I second PPs who suggested bread, and maybe add some cookies if you're worried about not having enough dessert.  They're also easy enough to send home with people if you're worried about leftovers.
  • You have more than enough had I been in your place I would cut instead of adding. ;)
  • Hope you got your RSVPs you needed.  We all know how much suck at that.
    The menu sounds great, especially with the suggestions from others and the party sounds like a lot of fun.  When my lil pumpkin is older I plan to do a costume party for one ofher bdays so I'm looking forward to reading your reviews later.


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