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"Would you" poll (facebook)

Are you one of those wives that care what your husband's friends think? Would you allow him to accept a friend request on your family facebook page from a high school friend that he slept with years ago because she is friends with your husbands friends and you dont want them thinking your trying to control your husband? What are your thoughts on this issue??[Poll]

Re: "Would you" poll (facebook)

  • Probably I would vote no he doesn't get to be friends with them on FB. However, neither nor I have any exes period so it's not really applicable to our relationship. Also, I can't imagine that H would even consider being friends with an ex on FB . It wouldn't cross his mind. 

  • Thanks for your vote
  • I wouldn't "allow" my husband to do anything. He's a grown man who makes his own decisions. Luckily for me, he does them with my feelings in mind.
  • image CurlingRocks:
    Just to be clear, this is posted on several boards and has been admitted to be MUD.  She's trying to spark a debate about FB friending and see if everyone would divorce their H's over a FB friend.

    SO what? It doesn't say anywhere that you can't have debates on facebook. BTW it can't be "MUD" if it was never a personal question to begin with!!

  • I don't get to allow and not allow my husband to do things. This question makes me sick. If you've picked the right man, he's going to be faithful and treat you right, whether he's friends with his exes or not.

     My husband is friends with a lot of his exes, not because he wants to bone them, but because he's a great guy with a good heart. I trust him completely. Most of his exes are married with kids and he loves looking at the pictures and keeping up with their happiness. It in no way affects our happiness. :)

  • Personally it would bother me a little; not enough to stop him though. He's a grown man.
    09/12- Dx PCOS; currently taking Metformin 1500mg.
    10/12-Married my best friend
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  • If you have to worry about your man cheating, you married the wrong man.
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