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i have decided to start to organize our house, go thru closets and rooms.  where is the best place to start and to go about this.  any suggestions would help thank you


  • When I do this I start with the easy stuff: what hasn't been touched the longest? That usually ends up being the garage/spare room where all the extra crap gets shoved. DH and I start there by going through everything and making 3 piles: to keep, to toss, to donate. We do 1 room at a time, and usually get through 2 or 3 rooms in a weekend. This is the order we do the rooms: 2nd bedroom(right now is being used as a storage room), 2nd bathroom, master bedroom & closet, master bathroom, living room, dining room, and lastly, the kitchen. After you have cleared out stuff you no longer want/need/use, you will be able to get a better idea of how to organize everything.


  • I just tackled my master bedroom closet this past was a 3 day process, but I am so happy that I got it done... I started with

    • -getting some cheap plastic bins (or boxes)
    • Take everything out one section at a time (like all shoes), all sweaters, all pj's,etc. and sort (keep/toss)
    • reorganize accordingly -bought new baskets for closet for my purses, bought some shoe containers, etc.

    Hope this helps.


    Mom of 2 Kels
  • I start in the place I know I can do pretty quickly. Getting it done makes me feel satisfied, accomplished and then energized to move to the next place.

    I take everything out. Then I sort it - trash, keep and put back, keep and move to another room (then I sub divide this pile by the room it needs to go to: kitchen, basement, etc.). Before putting back, I clean by wiping down all surfaces and vacuuming if there is carpet.

    Try putting things back by ease of accessibility. For example, a sweater than I know I will wear a lot goes toward the front and center of a closet versus one that I might wear once per cool season gets put in the back or up high.

    I have also discovered that it it is a PITA to put away once it's out I will never put it away and clutter will pile up. So, I aim to make put away as painless as possible.

    I do like organization tools such as racks, cubbies, hangers, hooks, bins, baskets and boxes. Try measuring your space and plan their uses before buying them so you know they will fit. For closets, I LOVE these:



  • Going through everything like that is a process, not a one time event. Whenever I go through everything like that, it can take a week or more of having things out before everything gets done.

    I start with one room at a time. So if I were to start in my bedroom, I would pull everything out of the closet and under the bed, and  put everything on the bed so I could look at it. I would sort through to throw things away, donate, put back, or put somewhere else. I put the things that need to go back where they belong, and the things that go somewhere else I put in another room. It can take me an entire day to do one room, therefore the stuff in another room may stay there for a couple of days.

    Once I go through all the rooms and put everything in the donate pile or put them away, I usually have a pile that I'm not sure what to do with. I spend time making decisions about that. My husband and I have a small wicker bin (about one square foot) we keep on our landing for things we need to do things with, such as give to family, return to friends, etc). If we have a lot to donate I'll spend a week trying to sell it on Criagslist, and then will donate the rest to Vietnam Veterans of America (they will pick up your donations, makes it very easy). 

    It's taken about two years for my husband and I to finally have this place the way we want it. We hired a professional organizer last fall come in and help us find places for everything, as well as give us ideas for creative storage solutions. We became fast friends with Container Store!


  • Even we did garage past weekend as it was pending since long time. Thankfully we are done with it.
  • What room or closet drives you crazy with its messiness? Start there.

     1.  Have a box for donations/Craigslist (my personal rule - if I can't sell it for at least $10, I don't bother).  Have a trash bag for trash.  Get started.  If it's not useful or beautiful, it's out.

    2. What drives you crazy about the space?  What can you do about it?  For example - if stuff is always falling off a shelf in the hall closet, re-examine how much stuff you're keeping up there.  And/or maybe a sturdier, or deeper shelf is in order.  Or maybe some things need to go in bins instead of piles.

    3.  Give it a week to see what you want to tweak.  Also, you may want to "break up" with more of your stuff after a few weeks.  It's been a slow purge for me, but I think I'm getting down to the stuff I really need and love.

    Keep us posted on your progress!  Let us know where you're starting and what the challenges are, and hopefully we'll be able to toss out some ideas.

  • I am currently doing a 14 week organizing challenge from a bowl full of lemons. It is one project a week. I did kitchen last week. It was great. She also created a FB group page and seeing all the pictures and people giving each other tips has been great.

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  • I do this every year. I start with the rooms that I think will get done the quickest, our bedroom and the laundry room. Then I move to the kid?s rooms, basement, garage office and attic.

    What I like to do is make 3 piles or stuff is all over. Toss, Keep and Goodwill and no in between! My kids always seem to start this maybe pile; I had to put an end to it!

    In the bedrooms, I start with the drawers first because it takes less time than the closet does, then I move onto the closet. A week before I ask the kids to go through their stuff and give me what they don?t want. Once I go through the drawers, then I tackle closets organizing what?s on hangers first then move through the rest of the closet from the shelves to the floor, which is always the messiest!

    Basement, I start with the shelves and closets and then work my way around the room. It takes a good amount of time. 

    Once I get all the other rooms completed, I usually end up with a pile of stuff that needs to be stored. I get my boxes, load them up and then have my hubby help me move it all to the attic. Every three years I then go through all storage but that is a nightmare to go through! I usually like to do it when I?m alone so I don?t have everyone?s input on what to keep. I do keep the outfits, art work the kids made when they were younger, toys etc., that are full with memories. We are not a storage business I always tell the kids, so at times we do need to get rid of stuff that just is not worth keeping.

    The office is always last, there is so much paper and filing, I just don?t always have time to get to it.

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