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  • I used to be like this.  I would not drink often, but when I did I would completely lose control and feel awful the next day.  I said/did things while drinking that are completely embarassing.  I tried to control it by drinking less when we went out but that would only hold me off for a while until the next time I let my guard down and I acted like an idiot again.  It was dangerous to my health and almost wrecked my relationship.  My husband stayed with me and it took many false tries but I eventually gave up drinking for good.  It has been a year now without touching a drop and I can say our relationship is night and day from what it was before.  i would never have considered myself an alcoholic since I only went out drinking maybe twice a month but quitting has shown me that my behavior was destructive.  I hope that your H can see what his problem is before he harms himself or you.  If he does not realize this, I would leave him.  Almost losing my H is what made me realize that I had to change.  Good luck.
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  • Anyone who needs help knowing when it is time to stop drinking has a problem. Not your job to police his drinking. His job to be a grown up. Do not take responsibility for his problem!!!!! This is classic behavior for children of drunks. Either he gets sober and stays sober with AA and counseling for a year or more or you do not marry him.

    Also I have never known a drunk who did not fall off of the wagon a few times. If you mary him this will be a life long issue. Believe me, I am the child of a drunk and the ex-wife of a drunk.

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