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Smelly clothes

Hi everyone, 

I am in need of help. My husband and I were married three weeks ago. My family always used a detergent and fabric softener. But he's family only used powder detergent. I've gone to doing laundry his way because it's cheaper. But now our clothes are starting to smell bad. Mainly the whites. Idk of we should get rid of them and buy new ones. Or if we should get fabric softener idk if that would help. Please help I'm really tired of our clothes smelling really bad.




Re: Smelly clothes

  • Not using a fabric softener won't make your clothes stink. Is your washer/dryer mildewed or something? Or do you allow semi-dry clothes to sit in the dryer for too long so that they sour?
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  • I don't think I let them sit. I've been doing laundry all day and I wash them and they still smell like that. We put soap in our dressers. But it hasn't helped any.
  • Do they stink or is it that the clothes don't have a nice fragrant smell?  If they stink (like if they have an actual odor), try adding some vinegar to the wash.
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  • don't take this personally, but in favor of saving money...did you buy cheaper detergent as well? I tried buying whatever was on sale for a while, but hated the way my clothes came out stiffer and kinda wierd smelling...not dirty just wierd..also the lights didnt get super clean, so I switched back to what my mom used when I was growing up and am much happier! One of my places that I will spend money now is laundry detergent because saving having to buy new clothes is worth the extra dollar or so on detergent.
  • Use white vinegar will get rid of almost any Oder or you can use hospital grade (lemon smelling) disinfectant.
  • Clean your washing machine with vinegar and then bleach (two loads, both hot water). You can also buy washing machine cleaner, if you prefer.

    I recently started making my own detergent to save money and my clothes smell really good now (I was using cheap stuff before). Vinegar can be used in place of fabric softener, also.

  • Using fabric softner gives the clothes a smooth finish and smells good. But not using it does not result in the clothes to stink. There has to be some problem with the machine you are using or maybe the detergent. Throwing the clothes away is also not a solution. First you need to immediately identify the problem before it ruins all our clothes.
  • Use OxyClean!! It's amazing! Certain clothes of ours started to stink due to the water softener. Our clothes smell great now!
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  • I would try cleaning your washer with a washer cleaner or vinegar and bleach. I started using borax in my laundry as a laundry booster. But, I have also used white vinegar in the past to help with getting your clothes cleaner. I have seen some good homemade laundry detergent recipes that I really want to try, but just haven't.

    But, I was also a bargain shopper for laundry detergent, but nothing was as good as what my mom always used, so I went back to using what she used, even when my husband wanted to get the stuff he used, I just refused to change, because of my experience in the past with laundry soaps. 

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