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2 day periods - Normal?

So I was on NuvaRing for about 7-8 months. While I was on it my period was 3-4 days. I came off a little over two months ago. My H and I have had both protected and unprotected sex (he uses the pull-out method when we don't use a condom). The first period I had came a day later than normal, on a Sunday night, and was a very light pink and turned bright red the next day. It wasn't heavy, but wasn't as light as spotting either. It was enough bleeding for about two regular pads. The second day was much lighter, but still enough for maybe one pad. Then by Tuesday night/Wednesday morning there was nothing. No spotting or brown. So a total of two days.

The second period I had, which started yesterday morning at about 4am, came with cramps and again bright red blood. I changed my pad twice yesterday, and today (the second day) it is again much lighter. I am still on my first pad.

What would cause 2 day periods two months in a row?

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Re: 2 day periods - Normal?

  • Your body is probably adjusting to the changes in hormones.    It sounds like what you are getting is just fine, you're body is cycling as it should, without a super thick lining.   
  • After I stopped taking birth control my periods were all screwed up too. At first I didn't even get them for 7 months. Then when I did start getting it again it was soo irregular. I felt like I was never going to be normal again, but it has been about two years since then and now I'm fine!

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