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Eekk, baby items

So I'm going to the consigment sale tomorrow with my MIL but she's there right now with my SIL and keeps sending me text messages and pictures of stuff she's finding.


So far I love this.  It retails for about $125 and the model she's looking at is only a year old.  The tray is missing, but that's it.  It looks like it's in great shape.  They want $26 for it.  I told her if it works, I'd love to have it.  The reviews are pretty great.  I'm noticing the older models tend to have the better reviews.  But for $26 it seems like a good deal.  

I'll keep you posted if she find anything else today.  If not, I'm headed there tomorrow.  She did send me a picture of a carseat/stroller combo.  I just said if it's there tomorrow I'll look.  LOL, I'm not having this conversation again about buying a carseat new.   I think it's sweet that she's looking for me. 

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Re: Eekk, baby items

  • Update, the swing is 6 years old but runs great.  It's the older model that doesn't plug into the wall, but I'm fine with that.  One of our cats has a habit of chewing on power cords anyway, so we'd probably stick with batteries for the most part.  The reviews say the older models are better so it looks like I'm getting a swing.  :)  First baby item purchased that isn't an OSU onesie or books.

    Confession: I stopped at Half Price Books yesterday and hit up the children's clearance section.  I got some great hardback books for $1 each.  

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  • How exciting!! I cant wait til I get to the buying stuff stage!
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  • To start off, I love how this post has lots of pregnancy tickers :)

    Second, YAY swing! First major item. That is so exciting! I'm sure you're going to get sooooo much stuff tomorrow. I want to go shopping for baby stuff haha
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  • I love dollar books, especially in a children's section... My classroom library is huge! I think I have about 600 children's books. Now, if only I had a classroom to put them in...

     Yay on finding a swing for 26 bucks! seems like a great deal to me! 

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  • Okay update from my trip today. I found a super nice high chair, Graco Contempo, the Birkshire model. It appears to be barely used, had all the extra pieces including the removable tray insert. Usually 110 and I got it for 55.  That was the most expensive item I bought. 

    Also bought some unisex clothes at 1.00 - 3.00 each. One piece is even baby gap. I googled it, usually 20 for that one little onesie! Holy cow! Also found more books and an activity mat. Super happy with our savings. Including the swing we've saved at least $200. Which is more than half of our crib!  

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