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What are you looking forward to?

I am bored, so I am going to ask a question.

 What are you looking forward to... 

...this weekend? 

...in the next month? 

...in the next year? 

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Re: What are you looking forward to?

  •  What are you looking forward to... 

    ...this weekend? Meeting my friend's bf on a double date. Should be interesting.

    ...in the next month? The weather getting colder, Js doctor appointment and getting a possible diagnosis.

    ...in the next year? Going through the process of finding a house.
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  • What are you looking forward to...

    ...this weekend? MIL's 70th surprise birthday party on Saturday. SIL planned it at the last minute so I hope DH and I have off of work. If not, we'll have to arrive late.

    ...in the next month? Starting to sub at different schools and making a good impression.

    ...in the next year? Getting pregnant (hopefully)

    Married the love of my life on 1-21-12. Our princess arrived on 5-28-13.
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  •  What are you looking forward to... 

    ...this weekend?   My first kids consignment sale.  I hope I find some cute maternity clothes at a great price.  Also hoping DH is up to Crib shopping.  He keeps putting it off.  He's have a scope done on his left knee next Wed so he won't be up for shopping/walking a lot for at least a month.  I kind of wanted to have all the big stuff at least picked out before the crazy holiday shopping.

    ...in the next month?  Finding out what gender baby is.  Hitting the half way point of my school semester.  It's just shy of a month away. 

    ...in the next year?  Having baby of course!  :)  And being almost done with school.  One year from now I'll be taking my last two classes needed to graduate in December 2013.
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  •  What are you looking forward to... 

    ...this weekend?   Finally getting to spend time ALONE with my husand. He got a gift card to Chili's for his birthday from someone at work, so we are going to eat out tomorrow night!

    ...in the next month?  Our family camping trip for our nephew's birthday Oct 5th-7th.

    ...in the next year?  Fiinally TTC, if we can ever agree on the "right time" which doesn't exist.

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  • ..this weekend? Its our towns Oktoberfest, so I am going to that.  I am just excited that its the weekend!

    ...in the next month? I love fall.  I don't have much coming up.  Nov. I have friends coming to visit, and then Christmas, I am going home.

    ...in the next year? Buying a house and not feeling so transient.  By this time next year, I hope to be settled into a house and TTC. 

  • What are you looking forward to... 

    ...this weekend? Going to see our house and possibly telling my mom our news.

    ...in the next month? Maybe being able to have an ultrasound done and seeing the heartbeat. Also, seeing our house almost ready to move into!

    ...in the next year?  Having a healthy pregnancy that results in a very happy and healthy baby. I've never wanted something more than that.

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