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need help...recent constant vaginal bleeding :(

I'm on Beyaz, I've been on it for a year and half now. Never had ANY problems when I started taking it, and it was my first form of bc. Got married in Janaury, and just recently, in the past two months, I've had constant vaginal bleeding. Like I have a period 24/7. My period will come when I expect it to, and I'll have to wear a pad everyday until a few days before my next period when I have just spotting, and then my period will come again and it will start all over!! :(


I went to my GYN and he examined me, swabbed me, and said it's normal, he didn't see anything that was of concern. But I AM concerned. I have been looking online and I don't have any other symptoms, just constant flow of period-ness when I shouldn't be having it. And there is no possibility of having contracted an STD or anything, I am 110% positive. I took a pregnancy test when this first started happening last month and it was negative. And I feel totally normal. *UGH* I also will mention I'm only 20, so there's no relation to menopause or anything. lol


Any advice, suggestions, experiences would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Re: need help...recent constant vaginal bleeding :(

  • Pills do weird things to people.  I know that's not a great response, but they do.  Beyaz lists "irregular periods" as a side effect, as well.

    Have you had a Pap smear recently?  If not, I would ask for one.  My alarm bells are going off for cervical abnormalities.

  • If you suspect it's your BC, ask for a different one.
  • When that happened to me it was because I was pregnant. Depending on when you took the test, you may want to take another just to be sure. And I agree with the PP who suggested switching BC if that's not it.

  • I was on another form of BC when I first started using it. I took it for several months (5-6) with no issues, and then it started messing with me. One month I got almost no period, then the next month it was crazy heavy. I wasn't sexually active at the time, so pregnancy was out (I was taking BC for a more regular period and because I was in a serious relationship so we were talking about becoming active). For the next two months, I had almost no period again. After this, I was worried so I went to my doctor. She changed me to a different BC that had a different make-up of hormones. Almost 4 years later, I'm good. I would definitely recommend asking for a different BC with a different hormone make-up to work better with your body. You may have to try 2 or 3 before you find the one that works for you.
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  • go and get a 2nd opinion.
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  • Thanks everyone. I get an annual Pap Smear, so I know I'm healthy, but I always go straight to the worst case scenario, even though it's probably just my pills. If it doesn't go away in a week or so, I'm gonna ask to switch.
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