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2 pm start time

On to my next party- a baptism reception.  The church does baptisms at 1:40 on Sundays.  Service is about 20 mins and a little extra time for pictures after. Most poeple will be traveling just over an hour with a few 2 hours. 

I'm trying to decide what sort of event to host after.  Normally the religious events have been in the morning, then there is a nice lunch.  The kids change into play clothes and everyone just hangs out.  2 seems too late for a lunch, but I feel the need to do more than light snacks since people will be traveling.  I was also considering hosting at my church instead of my home, but if it's in my church it will be shorter and I'll feel bad people traveled for it.

So my current thought is to have a reception at the church with fancy sandwiches cut to snack sized, but enough to go for a full meal.  Then cheeses and a few nice salads and other little bites- cold things that I could just set up before the service and have ready to go.  Then invite everyone back to the house if they want to relax.  Leftovers could go back to the house also and if people are still there and hungry around dinner we could order a pizza.

Thoughts?  I'm sure I'm overthinking, but once the holidays hit and the baby is here I won't have a mind left. 

If it makes a difference- we don't actually have a date set, but it will probable be Marchish (I need to check Lent).  16 adults and 11 kids.

Re: 2 pm start time

  • I'd pick one or the other.  As a guest, I don't think I would feel comfortable going to your house after leaving the mini reception at the church.  Even though you are offering to open your house afterwards, I'm pretty sure I would skip it.  I'd feel like the guest who wouldn't leave.

    If you don't feel comfortable offering only a shortened mini reception at the church, than just host it at your house.  Even thought the timing is off, guests can prepare for that by eating a light lunch.


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  • My nieces and nephews Baptisms were always around that time as well.  The parents always did a luncheon back at the house.  Maybe have light stuff out for people to nibble on when they first get there, and then have the late lunch/early dinner.  If people know they are getting a meal, they can eat appropriately prior to coming.  Good luck!
  • I should mention all guests are family so I don't think anyone would feel awkward coming back to hang out.  It always just seems like effort to get everything put out as soon as you get home.  The church reception was a way to put things out without as much of a delay. 
  • Can I be an adopted cousin in your family to come to all the events with the good food? :)  The events like this in your family never stop being interesting to me lol.  Baptisms are immediate family only in my family and don't exist in MIL's family (good grief, don't get her going on infant baptism - southern baptists are vehemently opposed, which I discovered the hard way one day in conversation lol). 

    I'd tell people ahead of time to save their appetites because you'll have lunch at the house after.  If they know, they'll eat a late breakfast or bring a small snack to tide them over.  Didn't you use a caterer once for something like this to make it easier on you - she was setting up at the house while yall were at church?

  • Can I be adopted as well?  Our children's baptisms were... about 1 1/2 hours long church service too. ;)

    Would def' have the event at your new house.  Hopefully you can find a good local caterer to help you out - or I can look up my baptism menus from couple years back.  I made everything in advance and just pulled it out as soon as we got back from church.



  • The more the merrier!  Tar, those are what I consider immediate family.  Our parents, siblings, and nieces and nephew.  I did the first one myself and it went because we had the two kitchens.  For the second baptism we catered and that was by far the way to go.  Of course I could get it catered for $10/pp at the old house and they'd come to set it up.  I've been checking some local places and they are far more than that and we'd still have to set it all up. 

    I do prefer to have it here for ease of the kids, but not having to clean holds appeal.  Okay, I'll have it here and tell people we'll have food.  I will continue to ask around for catering options.  I just can't shell out $15pp KWIM?

  • Maybe keep your eyes out for something less formal, like someone who just enjoys doing it on the side from her home kitchen.
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