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  • Finding motivation is different for everyone, it's hard to say what will work for you. I love to run, so what keeps me motivated is having a future race in mind. I've usually got a couple marathons planned each year, but now I'm taking it easy while pregnant. To maintain sanity, I'm running 10k's instead!

    Maybe give racing a shot?

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  • I know what you mean. Once you jump off the bus, it's hard to get back on. It's like at the time, breaking your stride with something small doesn't seem like a big deal, but then it leads to a real backslide. Avalanche.  Etc.  

    In the past I have made a journal with pictures of healthy people I admire, or would like to look like.  Writing things down makes it more concrete too, like "I want to lose weight to be a good example for my DD, have more energy to play with her, feel good about myself, and look hot."  Think of goals you want, like running a 5K, or feeling good in a bathing suit.  

    Is there a particular class you like going to?  Yoga, pilates, kickboxing, boot camp?  I find that attending a class with other people is motivating.  Plus if you pay to sign up for x many classes, you are more likely to keep it up.  A lot of friends go to the Y, they like their childcare.   

    There are other calorie tracking things out there too, if WW isn't working out for you this time around.  I've never used WW, but I have an app called MyFitnessPal that is pretty good.  Of course it's not counting the calories, it's have the willpower to cut yourself off.  Always have a healthy snack, like a Larabar or Luna bar or apple, in your purse so you're not tempted to buy a candy bar when running an errand. 

    You can do it!  GL to you. 


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  • well i think you already know the answer-exercise self control. dont keep snacks that are bad for you in the house and make a candy bar a once in a while treat. of course yu're going to gain weight-look at what you're eating!!

    want modivation? picture yourself 30 lbs heavier in 6 months and then imagine how much harder it will be to lose it. so stop what you're doing or you'll be there.

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  • I agree with pp that you have to find your own motivation. But what works for me is to have more than one line of motivation. So I care about my health, setting a good example for my daughters, having energy to play, looking good in nice clothes. So that if on any given day one line of thinking doesn't get me to eat well, another line can help.

    I also find too that success breeds success. So if you just really buckle down for two or 3 weeks then you'll feel and look better, and you that would motivate me to keep going.

    Other things that help me.

    - I eat chocolate/cake/biscuits every day. I have a sweet tooth and I firmly believe that enjoying these foods in a balanced way is part of good health. However I pick foods that I'll really enjoy, not some average tasting piece of cake, I eat a small portion. I settle in to enjoy it eg I sit down with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit after the girls are in bed and as part of relaxing with DH. I don't mindlessly shove it in my mouth whilst cooking dinner or driving around.

    - I try and view it as one healthy choice at a time. I don't try and look down the tunnel of "never eating "bad" food again'. I look at my options for lunch and make the healthiest choice right here and now.

    - If I do eat in a way that won't help me lose weight. too big a portion, or too much fat and sugar, then I don't use that as a, "well there' no use eating healthy for the rest of the day/week. I'll start being healthy on Monday." Instead I go back to one healthy choice at a time. So if I eat a Big Mac for lunch, I'll go right back to eating an apple for my afternoon snack. Because one meal is in no way related to another.

    At the end of the day, though you have to find your own thing, that works for you and your own reason for working on your health. Good luck. 

    Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old
  • Everyone definitely is different in why they workout, what workout works for them, what helps you eat healthy, etc. But, I think the most important thing would be to think about your WHY. WHY do you want to get in shape and lose weight? It is hard work, and is 80% nutrition, 20% workout. You can do this, though! I recommend figuring out a place where you can put your "why" in a place you can see it everyday, or multiple places. It's true that nobody can do it for you, but you can still have a great support network to help encourage you when you don't think you can do it anymore.
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