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  • Hello!  Congratulations on the wedding now let the past be the past!  Let today be a new beginning for your sex life!  Please for what its worth....stop watching the romance movies and fantasizing.  Here is a technique I've recommended to other clients with a similar concern (Yes, it sounds corney...but it really works and its funny and fun)  In a room you've never had sex, place a blanket on the floor.  Turn off the lights in the room. The both of you find your way  back to the blanket and sit indian style, knee to knee facing each other  (If the room is not completely black, use blindfolds.) Taking turns preferrably ladies first, remove all clothing. Tell him what you are doing and ask him to remove all his clothes as well.   Assume the knee to knee position undressed.  Being undressed in this position while in the dark takes both of you out of your comfort zones.  Now its time for the heart to heart talk.  ABSOLUTELY NO INTERCOUSE until you are ready!  Because he is in an uncomfortable situation your husband will be very attentive to every word that comes out of your mouth.  Inform him that you want to talk to him and show him something.  You will seem like you are being very dominate (cause you are) but he will think its a major turn on.  Start the conversation with, I am your wife and every part of me belongs to you.  When I make love to you, all I think about is satisfing you.  Next say the things he is really good at doing while making love.  For example, I love the way you touch me ....(then take his hand and place it there.  Once he starts moving his hands give him more directions by saying, Yes, I like that, a little...whatever).  Here is your opportunity to show him how you like to be kissed as well.  While he is sitting there tell him you want to kiss him.  Ask him to not move his lips and show him exactly how you like his lips against yours.  Don't forget to tell him how much it means to you that he tried this exercise with you.

    If this didn't work, I wouldn't post it to the public.  Of course, you know your husband better than any of us so change the script to work for you.  The hard part will be getting him to try it.  I suggest using the powers of being a woman....persuasion!  Tell him noone will know, it will be your little secret and you are only trying to help him know you a little better sexually.

    Good Luck,  If you get him to open up and step outside the box a little...don't stop there visit our website for more ideas.       

    Naomi Says
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