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**last update**Update on my dog Max

***Last Update**

It was not his thyroid. We ended up taking him to a dermatologist. She dx him with sebaceous adenitis assuming it was brought on due to prednisone.  She said there is a small chance it is t cell lymphoma but wants to see what the next few weeks bring before doing the biopsy for that.



I just wanted to come on here and give a quick update. THANK YOU all who helped.

My neighbor is a vet. The same day I posted this message, I called her crying. She has taken over, consulted with our old/normal vet and the specialty hospital.  What she found is both NEVER checked his thyroid. She has no idea why. Guess what? He appears to have a thyroid issue. I could seriously cry. Low thyroid level and low liver enzymes (I think that's what she said) This poor dog has been dealing with this since Dec/Jan.

Anyway...she is having us come to her office today and doing one more blood draw. She's sending that to Michigan State and after those results, she'll determine the therapy to put him on. 

AHHHH!!!! I seriously could scream :)


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Re: **last update**Update on my dog Max

  • Poor Max! I hope he gets the right medication soon! 
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  • So happy you found an answer!!  I suspected thyroid because he sounded just like me!  

    It seems thyroid issues are more common than thought but many doctors never test for it, in both dogs and humans.   I tell everyone to get checked periodically for it.  I was first diagnosed at age 17 only because my mother requested the blood work.  They told me I was so hypothyroid that they "didn't even know how I was functioning every day".  

    Anyway, I just take a pill a day to maintain and bloodwork every few months and I'm fine.  It doesn't always "fix" all of the symptoms but it does really help.  (I still get kidney stones, but not as bad) 

    Hoping that treatment for the dog is just as simple.  Good luck!! 

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