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name changing service?

Is anyone planning to use one of those name changing services like Miss Now Mrs? Trying to decide if it's worth shelling out the $30 or just doing it on my own.

Re: name changing service?

  • From what I've heard, not everywhere takes all of the generic forms, and I personally don't think it's worth it.  Everyone's experience is so individualized and it's not too complicated.

    Change name at Social Security office.

    My state didn't require SS card at MVC so I did my license and registrations the same day.

    Everything after that is just details and most can be done online or on the phone.  There's a post a few posts back that has a good checklist! 

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  • You still have to go to the social security office, the dmv, etc. in person...they create a service that elininates that....I'll gladly shell out bucks. But for now, I think I'll save the $30 for a date night.
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  • I agree with PP.
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  • I wasted my money on a service similar to that. It made me just print out a bunch of forms and generic cover letters. I couldn't even fill out the forms electronically! I just did everything myself. I used imamrs and it was a total waste of my money (i got it half price and it STILL wasn't worth it)
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