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Wednesday Randoms

How is everyone this morning? It's Wednesday - yeah! Almost to Friday and then a 3 day weekend.

Today I have a lot of my mind. I have a close relationship with a cousin of mine. They have been there a lot for me for the last month or so. Anyways some stuff happened this weekend and then I found out some stuff that has totally shocked me. We have been texting throughout the last couple of days, but I don't know if our relationship is going to be the same or not. Last night we were supposed to talk and bam it rings twice and goes to voice mail. Tried again later  same thing. Sent some texts - no response - so don't know if he turned phone off, sent me to voice mail, etc. I don't know. It's really bugging me and we need to talk - period. So we'll see if we get any texts today.


Re: Wednesday Randoms

  • Today is the 2 day of working out this week. Maybe it'll keep the stress level down or help it.
  • Hey,

    I hope you and your cousin can work through everything.

    Same old today for me. I didn't get gas yesterday so I'm sure I'll pay the price today. Are they over $4?

    I'm happy we are getting closer to the (long) weekend.

  • I live in Kentwood. Some gas stations were 3.99 and other ones were 4.09.
  • A few randoms for y'all.

    I hate packing and moving but we are making process even if work has decided to get crazy busy at this more difficult time.

    My Mom's new nissan Versa is freakin awesome and fun to drive.

    I pd $4.06 for gas today.

     Where the heck is everyone?

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