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Q's about cancelling cable

So in order to save $ and start to dig out of our small debt hole, I've been thinking about what we can cancel or reduce. Our insurance is already as low as it can get and still be worth it. The only things that are left that are negotiable are our phones and the cable. I'd like to cancel cable altogether and just watch netflix and Hulu, and I know that with an antenna or the converter box you can still get a decent amount of basic channels. Our cable and internet are bundled together through Comcast, though. Does anyone have any experience with other companies and internet only? FH has his phone through ATT so we will look into if we can get any good deals that way. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA!

Re: Q's about cancelling cable

  • We cancelled 6 months ago.  We got AT&T Internet and home phone for $40 (including taxes yadda yadda) for two years.  In two years we will revisit the cost and go from there.  It did not require a monthly contract, we can cancel anytime.
  • Go for it! We cancelled all cable three years ago and have NEVER missed it. We did Netflix for about a year and then cancelled that too. All the major networks post their episodes online anyway about a day or two after they air, so you really don't even need Hulu.

    It will save you money and it makes you do other more productive stuff and have way more quality time with DH and family.

    Yay you! Join the no-TV club!

    Oh, and DH and I still have basic cell phones. We have a simple text plan but have not gone the way of Smart Phones. This has saved us a ton too.


  • thanks for the encouraging responses!
  • SxiaSxia member
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    Haven't had cable for years. I don't miss it. I barely have time for TV anyway.
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  • We haven't had cable for more than a year, and we recently sold out TV too (we have an iMac, iPhones, and iPad to watch things occasionally though).  I'm happier without it, but H misses his wii games once in a while. Our Internet is $29.99 with Time Warner.  
  • Do it!  I gave up cable in 2009.  I've saved about $2000 since then, easily.  We have Apple TV and Netflix so we watch things online, through Netflix streaming, and occasionally buy a movie or show that interests us.  I am not up on the latest reality tv cooking shows and I guess I kind of would like to be, but it's not that big a deal, is it?  
  • Only draw back not sure if your H is a sports guy, is you won't be able to get them all on the internet.  One reason we won't cancel it.  But there are a lot of basic plans you can get relatively cheaply.
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