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Issues with BC/Other options

Hey guys!  New to this board and new to the Nest (was on the Knot).  I have browsed through some recent posts which have given me some suggestions, but I would like to ask for advice for my specific problem.

I just got married in April.  I knew I didn't feel like my sex drive should be as it should and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that began when I started Nuva Ring.  Since I was newly married, I decided I was better off to not use hormonal BC and immediately got off it.  Things began to get MUCH better until last month.

Last month the light pain I had been having in my sides, especially around the time of ovulating, was too much to bear.  I could not remain standing to get ready one morning to go to work and so I ended up heading to the gyno instead.  By the time they could see me the pain had eased and the nurse practicioner told me it sounded as if I had cyst on my ovaries and one had probably burst that morning.  (Although she mentioned the only way to know for sure was to schedule an ultrasound which she did not seem to want to do just yet, and slightly still worries me due to endometrious in both sides of my family)  She told me the only way to prevent cyst was to be on BC.  Due to having the sex drive issue with Nuva Ring and having been on numerous oral pills prior that made me dizzy and sick to my stomach, she prescribed Lo Loestrin.

Now I have been on Lo Loestrin almost a month.  My sex drive has sank again.  Also, as with some of the prior pills my face is broken out pretty badly (this has never been problem when I am not on BC).  I feel as if I am back at square one with my intial problems.

My annual appt for the gyno is in a couple of weeks and I have full intentions of discussing with them, but I would like some further input.  Is BC really the only option to avoid painful cyst?  If so, it makes me wonder what life will be like a few years from now when we decide to try to have children and I come off BC.  Thoughts?

Re: Issues with BC/Other options

  • Get a full checkup and ask for an transvaginal ultrasound. Rule out ovarian cysts.

    If you have pain on one side (and the sides tend to alternate) around the time of ovulation, normal -- that's called mittleschmertz.

    Look into non hormonal BC: what about a condom and a diaphragm? You and oral bc don't mix. GL.:)
  • First of all there is NO way to prevent cysts. And there is no real way to treat them either. But if you are having cysts each month then they need to do a checkup to rule out multiple issues like PCOS.
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