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Any Ohio attorneys out there?

Need advice on leaving a verbally/emotionally abusive marriage and taking our children with me without asking husband's permission. HELP!

Re: Any Ohio attorneys out there?

  • Why not contact a womens shelter and see what kind of resources they can offer you?  I'm sure they have a lot of experience in dealing with this type of situation.
  • Contact Eve. They are a women's shelter for abused women. When you call them they will arrange for someone to meet up with you and take you to their secret location. Your H will not be able to find/contact you any more but you will also be required not to contact him yourself either.
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  • No attorney but I strongly suggest:

    WITHOUT telling him, safeguard your assets -- money, jewelry, stock, other investments --- if you have a joint bank account, take your money and open up a new account he has no knowledge of and deposit your money there.

    Do the same with current bank accounts that you now have that are solely yours.

    See an attorney to discuss assets you and he jointly have -- again, do not tell your spouse -- and also for chils support and child visitation issues.

    Document everything.

    And run a credit check on you and on him; one never knows.

    Keep cash on you along with a fully charged cell phone.

    And when all is ready and you've gotten your advice from the attorney, file for divorce and go. Leave with the kids when this guy's safely at work for the day.

    Protect your kiddoes and yourself. Stay safe; wishing you luck.

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