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Question for martial arts families

Here's a laundry question for those with someone that does martial arts in the family.  My husband must have about 10 gis (uniforms) that completely take over the laundry room.  They also stink really bad both after he wears them and after they are supposedly clean from the laundry.  Even after washing them, they seem to have a rotten water like smell and they stink up the entire laundry room.  We've tried adding a little bit of Tide febreeze but it still doesn't seem to do the trick.  Do you have any tips to share on how they make them smell clean and/or what you do to store them?  I got creative and hung a shower curtain pole from above the door to the opposite wall to hang them on for drying, but they are so big and thick that they take over everything.  They are also pretty stiff and hard to fold.  Thanks!

Re: Question for martial arts families

  • Not sure if it would help with your H's uniforms, but I was having trouble with my H's (basketball?) shorts. I found recommendations online to dump some baking soda in the wash with them and it really helped freshen them up.

    Good luck!

  • Are you cleaning out your washing machine? If it's a front loader those can smell like mildew quite easily and then pass the stench on to the clothing. Regardless of it being a top or front loader, I'd find your machine's owner's manual and read about how to clean its inside. Then, be sure to leave its door open after use so it dries completely.

    Are these white gis? If so, what about bleach?

    I know it isn't customary for a martial artist to wear things under the gis, but could he try something to help absorb sweat before it gets to the gis material?


  • My husband wears under armor under his gis and it seems to work well... noit as much sweat gets on them
  • Try 1/4 to 1/3 cup white vinegar in a full load wash with your regular detergent and instead of a softener use the same amount of vinegar where your machine has you add a liquid softener. Try it for the next two times you wash to get the smell out and after that just add the vinegar to the wash using your choice of softener if you want. It should get the smell out without being too terribly expensive. My husband and I both work in restaurants and the smell comes home with us. Now we don"t have to worry about smelling like food anymore. :) Good luck.
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