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BC Moodiness

Hey all:

Just a quick poll- it tooks me yeeeears to figure out that my BC might be behind my moodiness and when I finally asked to switch to a lower dose because of my suspicions that BC was behind it, my OBGYN acted like she didn't know what I was talking about! But clearly from the posts I've read on this board, other people have had the same issue. My question is, those of you who are/were on BC, did your OBGYN warn you of these side effects??


Re: BC Moodiness

  • ummm...yes.

    its part of their job.

  • My first OBGYN actually didn't, at least not very clearly or thoroughly.  I went through a bout of depression that was a direct result of the BCPs I was on. 

    That's why I'm going to a new one, who spends as much time with me as needed to answer any questions I may have.  

    I'd suggest a new gyno for you.

  • No she didn't warn me of the moodiness, I already knew of course but she didn't explain anything to me other than that since I smoke I have an "increased chance of dying". Lol, yep kinda already knew that too. I switched doctors the next day and they went a little deeper into explaining but not too much. The place I go to, they leave it to the pharmacist to explain it all
  • Mine didnt, all 4 of them (long story why I have so many), I eventually switched to a lower hormone pill-but as it turns out I needed to be on a higher hormonal pill (2x the amt of the highest BC pill offered)for my woman issues. I'm special-and instead of remembering 1, I get 2Big Smile It does say right on the hormone (sp?) bottle "May cause irritability". Angry

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  • I was never told by my gyno or my GP that they could cause moodiness...I figured it out for myself by coming on this board and reading about it.  Once I told my doctor that I thought my BCPs were responsible for my mood swings, she agreed with me...but she never told me that when she wrote out my prescription.
  • I've been on BC for a long time and have had 3 seperate doctors over the years due to insurance reasons.  Each of my gyns has been exceptionally understanding and informative whenever I had an unusual side effect from BC.  I have tried a ton of BC pills over the years and finally found one that I really like and has caused minimal to no side effects.  I have been on seasonique for a while and really like it.  Talk to your doctor and if he or she minimizes your concerns (which happened to my girlfriend) than switch doctors.
  • My doctor warned me about everything.  I still had a bad expericence with my BC. I have been on 3 different BC's and still haven't gotten a good one for me yet.  I think some of the hormones in them are just too high.
  • Well my first gyno was male...I don't suggest that ever. No sympathy/understanding/brains there so the whole BC thing was like the blind leading the blind. I got extremely depressed which set off a whole set of events like massive weight gain and anti-depressants (not fun). I FINALLY got set up with a wonderful female gyno who walked me through all of the side effects and really helped me make a conscious decision about my BC and was willing to work with me because everyone reacts differently. I suggest trying to find a doctor that fits what you need. The results will be amazing!
  • NO!!!  My OBGYN failed me miserably in this department. (So Ms. Snotty "Um, yes, it's their job."  Not always the case.)  Not only that, but I had to endure months of horrible migraine headaches, which is a side effect listed on the brochure (ALWAYS read the brochure for yourself!!!) because my OBGYN didn't think her time important enough to share that with me- even  the second time around when I ASKED her about the headaches.  She brushed me off.  As soon as I went off the b.c., the head aches gradually went away, as did the moodiness.  Always, always read the provided materials for yourself!!!  Especially the side effects, so that you know what to expect and when and if you should stop taking a medication.  (Ask your doctor before you stop taking any medication.)  And never assume that your doctor has your best intrests at heart, some are just there to make money.  Sad, but true. 
  • No -- mine did not. I ended up getting such severe moodiness I went to see a psych counsellor. They were ready to put me on anti-depressants right away, but between visits I had done some internet research and found out about the BC link and instead, went back to see my OBYGN. She put me on a low-dose and while discussing my old BC, said that though many of her patients reported mood-swings with this particular type, there was no real, documented evidence. Granted, all this was through campus health -- so not the best. But I was pretty shocked how readily they wanted to put me on anti-depressants before trying a change in BC. Since then, my mood swings have been far less severe.
  • My dr didnt warn me, but it didnt take long for me to figure it out on my own. My poor husband (fiance at the time)! I was such a jerk to him for a while and he kept saying he thought it was my bcp cuz i am usually never moody or mean. I was in denial about it until my body got used to it and i settled down alot. then i looked back on everything and was like "wow, i was such a butt!" I'm glad i have a very patient man!
  • I was told very little negative about my BCP's. My GYN swore to me they would not cause weight gain, said nothing about moodiness or disruption of sex drive. Well... here I sit, 25 pounds heavier, moody, and practically celibate. :) but I suppose it's worth it because I had severely terrible periods before.?
  • The first BC I was on made me EXTREMLY moody and I completely lost any sex drive! My husband (FI then) hated it and finall convinced me to stop taking it because that was the only thing we could think of that would cause such a change in my moods. When I asked my OBGYN about it, she acted like that was very out of the least I know I wasn't the only one anymore. I switched Dr.'s and got on a new kind of BC....different problems with that one....ugh!
  • I love how you guys get responses from your doctors.  When I asked about getting on BC pills from Depo, I was told to research if for myself on the internet.  Well I guess a blessing in a way, I learned a lot.  I would suggest this route even if your doc tells you the side affects.  I found some website (sorry forgot the link) that listed probably 50 types, and the levels and amounts of different ingredients.  It also listed what they may do depending on the levels.  Very neat, and I wrote a short list of what types to try based on the probable side affects.
  • My DH was recently laid off and we've had the back and forth discussion about whether to hold off on TTC or not.  I'm 32 and he's 31, and in that respect we don't want to wait.  But with me being the only one currently with a job, we'd like to hold off.  I'm considering talking to my doctor about BC but am unsure of what to take.  I'm thinking low dose, but am unsure.  I also want something that once I am off of it, I won't have problems because of it in conceiving.  I don't want one with too many side effects or one that will affect my health in the future.  I do plan on doing some research on it before I talk to my doctor, but I'd also like some imput from here.  Any advice?
  • My gyn mentioned that there might be side effects (which there were!) but didn't go too deep into what they might be, or what I should do if I noticed any.  I switched around a lot and then finally QUIT completely because I got sick of hormones messing with my body.  It took me 4 years to find out that loss of interest in sex might be a side effect, and when I asked my gyn about it she acted like it was nonsense!  My husband can tell you, it's not nonsense!  Tip: look up the warnings they put on meds in Europe, they're more open and liberal there a lot of times.  I love being off of hormonal BC, I feel so much better.  I just recently got a ParaGard IUD inserted and it's been great so far, easy insertion, nothing to think about every day, no hormones, good for up to 10 years if I want it, over 99% effective... what more could a girl ask?

    Probably the scariest complication of birth control is the increased chance of developing blood clots that could travel to your lungs and be potentially life uncommon but real possibility, specifically in smokers on birth control.

    Moodiness is a bit more subjective and variable...I assume fewer doctors mention this as a side effect because while a lot of people may experience this anecdotally, it's not an accepted fact based on clinical studies.  

    In any case, as many posters pointed out, I do believe it's important to listen to your body and do your research so you can have a meaningful discussion w/your doctor.

  • My doctor also did not mention any of the side effects

  • I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who's BC made her wacko! And no the GYN did not inform me of that side effect, she did lecture me on smoking though...

    It took a bad break-up for me to realize I wasn't myself and then I got the low dose stuff after I asked the GYN about it.?

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