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Friendship Circle

Jillio31's post made me think. How big is your circle of friends? Do you have 1 set group or a few mini groups. Do your friends mingle with each other?


I have 1 friend I see weekly. 1 Friend that is the BFF and 2 friends that are the wives to DH's friends and we don't see each other on a regular basis. And then I have the nesties. 

Re: Friendship Circle

  • I have 1 BFF and 1 friend who DH and I are friends with as a couple (her DH)....and that's pretty much it in town.  I have casual girlfriends that are essentially only DH's friend's wives.  We don't usually hang out without the guys though.  I also have a few internet friends that I have contact with via email, pretty regularly.  One used to live in town, but moved to Iowa for a job. 
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  • DH's BFF's wife and I are BFFs. Works out great. Other than that, we are involved in a lot of groups and so we have a lot of casual friends through homebrew club, Slow Food, running group, herb/foodie friends, Corvette club (which is funny because we don't have a Corvette any more), church, etc.
  • I no longer have any friends that I see on a regular basis.  Everyone is at least 1.5 hours from me and they forget to invite me to things.  All of my friendships, with both high school & college type friends seem to have become one sided & I seem to value them more than the other person, so they just make me sad.  It is hard to maintain them when you don't feel you're important to the other person.  I see each of them maybe once per year. 

    I have no new friends over here, just acquaintances, and haven't been able to bridge the gap.  My coworkers all live near work, 45 minutes away, so even the people I get along with there are nothing more than coworkers.

     That's why facebook is so important to me.  Most of those friends are really acquaintances, but I have more contact with FB people than anyone else & it is the closest to social interaction that I manage these days.  I miss having actual friends to hang out with & talk with.  I think my relationship with DH would also be healthier if I were able to get out more & talk with other people, than just him.

  • Zebe: I can understand the one sided relationships. I never had a big crowd of friend in HS or College and I don't talk to those people really anymore. Any work colleagues that I had after I left my job are pretty much gone as well. The few people I can still count as friend we don't see because everyone works crazy schedules. While I have FB account I don't talk to a lot of people on it. That's why I like this board. 

    How far away are you? 

  • I'm 45 min from work & 45 min from GR, not in the same direction.  Since I drive so much for work, GR seems reaaaalllly far away (and expensive gas wise), which is why I try to be selective about how often I drive over.  It is nice when I can get a few errands done & a GNO all at the same time.
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