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how to make my bathroom look clean with NO natural light

We do not have a window in our bathroom. Yes, making one would be the ideal suggestion, but we just rent right now... The walls are white and the shower sliding door is dated. We have dark brown rugs to match the dark brown cabinets.

And our bathroom has one soft dimmed light in the center of the room. There is no light above the bathroom mirror which really sucks, but landlord says he doesnt want to put one up.

 Any ideas on making our L shaped bathroom look clean???


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Re: how to make my bathroom look clean with NO natural light

  • We are in a similar situation with a TINY bathroom, and I wanted more light and a bigger appearance. We got white towels and are getting a white shower curtain. The towels seem to help because they reflect the little bit of light. We don't have an outlet but my hubby found a stick on light thing meant for closets I guess, that is battery powered, if you could do that.
  • Can you change the light bulb to a compact flourescent at a higher wattage?  Also, try bright, crisp colors and bright whites.
  • i would love to try bright colors and crisp whites but the floors are a dark pink/peach color. And the cabinets were dark brown so we macthed the rugs and towles with that. Also the washer and dryer are in the same room next to the shower (pushed back a smidge) and they are poop green. So we got a brown texured shower curtain which we have hung in front of the washer and dryer so you cannot see them. I don't think that helps the grey dated shower doors issue though. Only problem is.... You can still seee the bottom 5 inches or so of the crap green washer and dryer

    . The rugs we got were also a good 20 a piece so I would love to stay with brown so we don't loose out on 40 bucks. Plus if we added any crazy bright colors to our bathroom with the existing peachy floors, it may look like 1970's ya know? I think I just may have to settle with the fact its a rental and i am screwed ;(

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  • Add some white whearever you can. Put a better lightbulb in your one light socket. If you can squeeze one in add a lamp. 
  • There are light bulbs that give off more natural light. You could also get wireless lights that you can mount on the wall with little fuss. You could also get a lighter shower curtain and keep the rugs. We have brown rugs and towels in our bathroom, with a gold shower curtain and it brightens up the place. A well place mirror on the wall will also reflect light and make the room appear brighter and bigger.
  • It sounds to me like you have too much dark brown, which naturally is going to make things darker.  I'd change the curtain over the laundry area to something lighter in color...white or cream does go with everything.  In college I tried to use a shower curtain to cover a clothes closet when the sliding doors had been removed (why, campus housing, why?)  My roommate instead used inexpensive window curtains, which worked a lot better, because they reached the floor and she could part the middle for access while I was stuck always pushing my entire shower curtain to the side.  I bet regular curtains on a tension rod would improve the laundry area and be less bulky when you're trying to reach your washer/dryer.  You can probably find an affordable option with a brown stripe or border if you want to incorporate the colors you already have.

    Anything that's brighter will distract the eye from the darker, so get a nice set of white ceramic or brushed metal bath accessories (soap pump, toothbrush holder, etc.)  And I'm imagining the bath hardware it probably outdated, too.  Depending on their style, the drawer pulls, towel rods, and toilet paper holder might just be attached via screws.  You could get a more updated style and finish and attach those as long as you keep the ones your landlord provided in a safe place to put back up when you're moving out.

    Hang some pretty art with a white wooden or brushed metal frame (TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Tuesday Morning/Hobby Lobby all have inexpensive options that don't look too cheap).  It will attract attention up and away from the dark cabinets and rugs below.

     Ta-dah!  Somewhat lighter and much more attractive bathroom :) 

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  • I definitely think you need to add some white too.  I really like the idea of using white window curtains instead of a shower curtain in front of the washer and dryer too.  Also, if you feel like your bathroom doesn't feel clean, try adding a clean scent to it.  I swish and swipe both my bathrooms every morning ( and I feel like my bathroom is cleaner because it smells cleaner!  For my swipe of the toilet I use a Clorox wipe (Fresh Scent, Lemon and Orange all work just fine!).  I'm not saying your bathroom is dirty, I'm just saying if it smells clean you may feel better about it!

    Are your brown cabinets painted brown or are they stained brown.  If they are stained brown, use a lemon or orange scented wood cleaner to clean them and go with the lemon or orange Clorox wipe.

    Hope this helps!

  • Why not buy a cheapo but cute new lighting fixture and pop it in? Put the Landlord's fixture away and put his back up when you leave the rental. If you got one you liked, you could get one that angles a light beam at your mirror.
  • I would bring in a brighter color rug and shower curtain set. You could also hang a mirror on the wall. It helps reflect light and makes room look bigger.


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  • these are perfect!! how did I not think of these!!

    Thank you girls so much!! I added a white "coat rack" on the opposite wall of the shower and hung the towles(rotating cream,brown and white) like they are at a spa. and it opened it up so much more! I added a mirror and a cheap but nicer light fixture. I also switched my dark brown curtain covering the washer/dryer with a cream/white and light brown patterned fabric. (that really helped!) I added a small plant on the back of the toilet with seems to make it feel cleaner too.

    I tried adding brighter rugs and such, but with the peach-ish floors it didn't look right. Thanks for all the help ladies!! My mother in law can't say crap now when she visits in a few weeks!!  yaaaa!!!

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  • So happy that it worked out and didn't cost you a ton of money!

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