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Dyson or Roomba?

The great debate at our house right now is which vacuum we should get to replace our dying Hoover. I want a Dyson and DH wants a Roomba. I would appreciate hearing pros and cons from anyone who has one or the other. Thank you.
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Re: Dyson or Roomba?

  • We just gave away our Roomba to Goodwill a few weeks ago.  I wish I never bought it.  It doesn't replace a regular vacuum cleaner.  Maybe it's good to use inbetween actual vacuum cleanings but I'm not that meticulus and it scares the cat.

  • I have the large version of the dyson ball and it is incredible. We actually returned a ton of wedding gifts just so we could get it. We originally bought a crappy cheap vaccum and it was horrible. When we got the dyson it was incredible how much more dirt it picked up. You will think your carpets are clean and then you run the dyson over them and you will have a full cannister. I have had it for 2 years and it still runs like a gem. It was a great investment and definitely worth it. It's nice to because the attachments are so easy to use and the vaccum is real easy to clean.
  • I'm a big fan of my dyson ball. Got it in 2008 and still have no problems. Works great. My SIL has a roomba and she says it's good for keeping the dog hair down.

  • Dyson all the way, you may pay more but its worth every penny
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  • We love our Dyson!  We have 2 cats and it really gets rid of the fur they leave everywhere.  
  • Dyson is the best!
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  • I have an extremely hairy dog, but not an extremely hairy house, thanks to my dyson! I love that thing! I can't believe we lived without it!
  • Roombas are a waste of money.  They're fun to watch (a la Gilmore Girls) for about 5 minutes, but they don't really clean anything.  I would love a Dyson; my BFF got one for her 30th birthday and it was simply amazing how much it was able to pick up!
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