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Europe - need help

My husband and I plan to go to Europe in May. We want to go to London, Paris, Rome, and Greece (not sure where). It will be about 3 weeks (4-6 days in each palce). We need help figuring out activites to do, things to see, and places to stay. Any ideas? 

Re: Europe - need help

  • I would cut down the number of places you are going....I would do London, Paris, Rome or Rome and Greece...just between travel time, etc you aren't going to get much time to really experience the cities/cultures.  That's just my opinion though.
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  • i agree. london and paris are near each other, rome is closer to greece. with only a few days in each place plus travel days i'd probably stick to 2 places instead of 4. the cities aren't going anywhere-you can always go back :) and see the ones you didn't hit this time
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  • I'd do 4 nights in London and at least 5 in Paris.  We just went to London and Paris a few months ago and LOVED Paris.  London is neat and there are a lot of things to see, but it wasn't the ah-mazing city that Paris is.  I have also heard at least 4-5 nights in Rome.  Personally, I'd cut out Greece as well.  Focus on the 3 biggies and really enjoy the time you have there.  As far as things to do, get a few books.  Rick Steves and Frommers are my favorites.  Pick what you think you'd enjoy the most.  HAVE FUN!!!!
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  • I'd do 3 days in London, tops.  I may be in the minority here, but we did 4.5 days in London and by the last day we had completely run out of things to do. It rained every single day and we spent most of the time scurrying from museum to museum trying to stay dry. Paris, on the other hand, was spectacular. I agree with pp that four places is just too much to do, you'll be so tired by the end of the trip that you won't be able to even enjoy the last place you go to.
  • Also, one thing I would totally recommend doing in Paris is taking a dinner cruise on the Seine.  Pricey, but completely worth it.  One of the most amazing experiences of my life. 
  • For things to do and see and where to stay in each place....tripadvisor, guidebooks, and googling "things to do in..." will give you the basics. As for other things, it's going to totally depend on your interests, budget, time of year, etc. For stuff aside from the usually major attractions, I look at blogs written by locals, check to see if there's a local Time Out guide, etc

    As for your itinerary, I'm not sure of your situation, but for me, I would rather spend a three week trip doing things I wouldn't feel like I could do as well or as easily on shorter trips. Since I know I'll be back to Europe many times, I don't feel like I need to see it all on one trip, so I like to go in 8-12 day chunks every year or so and explore one country in depth. So with three weeks, I'd rather see several places in one country - taking day trips or short morning train rides between places - than only see one place in four countries and spend more time in transit covering longer distances. 

    So....I'd do something like:
    5 days in London and then maybe 2 someone else in England (Costwolds or somewhere in the countryside?)
    6 days in Paris, 3 in one of the wine regions and then 5 days in the south of France doing lots of day trips to small towns, wine areas, beaches, etc.

    5-6 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence and 3 in a small town in Tuscany, 
    3-4 days in Athens and then 5-6 on one of the islands (or 6 - 3 on one island, 3 on another) 

    With 3 weeks I'd also lean towards places that maybe take a bit more effort to reach; it's easier to fly into Paris or Madrid or London with maybe one connection, but going somewhere like Croatia or Albania or Estonia might take a bit more time so I'd want a longer trip. So I might do Croatia and Albania with some side trips into Bosnia and Herzegovena or Montenegro, or focus on Scandinavia or the Baltics or something.

    But of course it totally depends on what you want to get out of the trip, whether you want to concentrate on cities or see some of the rural areas/small towns too, and how fast a pace you feel comfortable setting. I personally don't like to spend less than 2 days in a place and I generally don't like to move more than 2 times every 7 days.

    Personally, I wouldn't be content with going to France and only seeing Paris, unless it was a short trip and I planned to come back and spend more time in France on a different trip. But if Paris, London and Rome are the three cities you are dying to see and you don't plan to go back to Europe for several years, then it may make sense for you to do it that way.  

  • London - I highly suggest staying close to Paddington Station.  The subway is the obvious reason but there are also nice restaurants in the area and you can rent bikes and ride around in Hyde Park.  We loved Hyde Park!

    Paris - You should definitely stay in the Latin Quarter. We stayed at Hotel de France which was extremely close to the subway.  The area itself is amazing though.  DH loved Paris on this visit but said that he wasn't impressed with it last time simply because of the area of town that he stayed in (by the Eiffel Tower).  There aren't any gypsies in the Latin Quarter and the local restaurants are just amazing.


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