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The Raven Boys - SPOILERS

Ok, so just like The Scorpio Races, I was meh about this one despite the pretty writing at the very beginning. You know what hooked me? When it was Adam who was interested in Blue, not Gansey. I KNOW Maggie Stiefvater is not one to give us a trite love triangle, so my ears perked up BIG TIME at that point, and then I was totally in. I knew it was going to be all complicated relationshippy goodness. 

I love that I did feel satisfied at the end of the book, even though there are still SO MANY QUESTIONS. You know me, I'll all about the romance / relationships, so I am DYING to know how Blue and Gansey fall in love. I loved the little hints we got from their visions...him begging her to kiss him. OMG I CAN'T WAIT. My heart was all pitter pat over those. 

But the questions. OH THE QUESTIONS. How did Ronan's dad die? WTF is up with the third Lynch brother?! We didn't even get a name. CHAINSAW...omg that last line of the book. What is going to happen to Adam?! I saw someone mention maybe he was possessed by Glendower...I'm wondering if he was somehow possessed by what's his name the dead teacher, who is TOTALLY someone who would kill his friend because he did. (Oh Noah! Sweet Noah!) What happened to Neeve?! What kind of nonsense is going to happen with the ley line now?! WHEN will Gansey get stung? (Because you know that is just a matter of time.) 

My head is swimming, you guys. I can't handle it.  

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Re: The Raven Boys - SPOILERS

  • This book!

    I know I keep saying it but it's my favorite by Maggie. She just keeps getting better and better and I can't even imagine what the fourth book will be like!

    I thought Blue's introduction to Gansey was priceless and I liked how it wasn't love/lust at first sight with them and the fact that she's all about Adam definitely intrigued me.

    That's part of the reason why I liked this book so much. A LOT of stuff happened but even though it's a cliffhanger, you still feel like you get some kind of resolution and answers instead of one of those endings that might as well happen in the middle of a sentence.

    I don't think he was possessed by Whelk since he was the sacrifice but on the otherhand, you're right in that he'd do it again.

    My guess for when Gansey gets stung: Book 3.


  • Also, I don't know if you saw this but here's the other spoilers post!

    (I'm thinking you did)

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