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Bad night...

This is random but yeh... I am sitting up worried and waiting for my mom to say my dad got home ok. He was all depressed and suicidal talking last night and again tonight, and took off an hour ago without his cell phone or insulin pump (he is diabetic.) I hope he is just being dramatic but I can't help worrying about him... Guess I will be up for a while tonight.


Back story is he hasn't been getting along with my mom or brother... and he is mad at me now for not coming over and trying to be the middle person. I told him I was staying out of it... but now he is disappointed in me and left a bunch of weird messages today. ?

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Re: Bad night...

  • Oh, honey. I'm sorry.

    Is he threatening suicide, or hinting at it? Have you spoken to the police?

  • I hope he is getting counseling for his behaviors.

    So, since you didnt go do what he wanted, he has successfully made you feel completely guilty for his behavior?

  • I need to talk to him about things, but it's so hard to not be in the middle of things. I agree with his stresses and frustrations, but not at all with how he is handling them (lashing out at my mom, irrational things, etc). He came home an hour after my post, but I think it is selfish to put us through that and whatnot... I told my parents I will talk to them but only with a mental health professional present. Mom agrees, my Dad thinks I am being selfish and not caring. Go figure.
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  • Good for you for putting limitations on the circumstances under which you will meet your dad.  I'm glad you aren't falling for his guilt trips, as much as he is trying to pull you in.

    His actions are HIS responsibility, HIS choices.

  • Has he considered going to a hospital for evaluation?  If he is irresponsible with his health that is dangerous for him.  Maybe he needs to reprioritize.
  • just wanted to make sure your dad was ok...
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