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weird stains on clothing

In the past month we have been getting weird stains on our clothing when it comes out of the wash and dryer.  There's big spots that look like water stains but they never dry.  I can't think of what could be causing this.  The only thing I have changed recently is we have been using sunscreen lately - could this be it?  Thanks for your help!


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Re: weird stains on clothing

  • If they don't dry, it might be oil.
  • Ok thank you. 
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  • My guess is also oil.  If I have oil spots then I do a pre-rinse with a few drops of dish detergent, then wash normal, and they are gone.
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  • DO you use softener? When I first started doing my own laundry i started using softener which my mom never used and I'd throw it right on top of my clothes. They would get like an oily stain on them that wouldn't get out for a couple washes, but would come out then I started to put the softener on the bottom with the detergent. No more stains. 
  • As you have said you find these spots on your cloths when you take out them from your dryer. I suppose These might be the stains of oil leaking somewhere in your dryer. Once take assistance of an machine engineer,Make it repair and then wash your cloths again to test. I hope that will not happen again.

  • Do you use any kind of lip balm that may have been left in your pockets; it causes a very similar stain to what you described.  Try using clear clarifying shampoo and scrubbing it into the stains before washing in very hot water.
  • sounds like grease stains.  this happens to us too--clothes will be fine, then i'll take them out of the dryer w/ a grease spot on them.  pre-treating with lestoil will get them out, but i wish i knew what was causing it in the first place.
  • Are you cleaning your washing machine tub? The stains from clothing can build up in the washing tub and therefore cause more staining to garments. Maytag advises machines' tubs should be cleaned monthly. You can find different cleaning solutions, involving bleach and water, online and may help in removing mystery stains that seem to be coming from washing!

  • SAME exact thing happened with me! I stopped using fabric softener with my clothes and it went away--but the stains are still there :(  I would recommend buying the Tide washing machine cleaner before washing clothes again to clean it out. If you can't find it/don't have it---maybe try to run a HOT load with soap and an empty load. We've done that before,and it helped a lot! 
  • Oh thank you. I bet I do need to clean the machine!!
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