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Stupid (@) question

Just one of many i'll ask before this thing is over. 


When you call to make your first pg OBGYN appointment, do you say " I need to schedule my 8 week apt" or do you say "I just took a pg test yesterday so .... I think I need to come in or some junk" ?? Or do I say "I'M PG!!! what do I do now!??!" like a psycho?



Re: Stupid (@) question

  • lol either one. I just said " I need to make an appointment" , they asked what for, and I said "I just had a positive pregnancy test."
  • ok yeah - its hard cause I know they have their way of figuring out what you need but I also know what I already need, lol.


  • You can just say you took a HPT and need to schedule an appointment. They'll tell you they will see you at 8 weeks.
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  • I was one of the, "I'M PREGNANT!!!!" callers. :-)

    Why be all cool and reasonable?

  • Just say you took a positive home test and want to come in.  They will do the rest.


  • image lyssbobiss:

    Tell them you're pregnant.  That will probably get you in faster.

    Honestly, I just called and said, "I had several positive home pregnancy tests, and I need to get in to confirm it with you."  I got in the next day.

    Really?  I so desperately wanted to be seen asap that I called like 5 times and each nurse told me the same thing - we won't see you till you're 9 weeks.  BOO!

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  • image majorwife:
    I said, "I'm knocked up.  Now what?"  They scheduled to see me at 8 weeks.


    They can't do anything at all before 8 weeks anyway. I went in immediately to have it confirmed and the entire appointment was give a urine sample, wait for the nurse, she says "Well congratulations you're pregnant. See you in 8 weeks."  

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