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NYC or the beach - with kids.

We used to be great travelers...  back when we had the one very mild-mannered boy. Now we have the 4 year old boy and a CUH-RAZY little 1 year old girl. So we've been too scared to travel. My husband works for the airline industries, so we'd do (free) stand-by, wherever we went. Prob is we can't pick between NYC and Pensacola Beach, FL.

NYC is my fave place.. I could just walk the streets all day.. endless eating options, etc etc. We could do childrens museums, a ton of great parks, FAO, etc etc..  but there's the fact that our 1 y/o hates her stroller (and Ergo, dear Lord help us) and hates her carseat..  making any cab-ride not so fun. So it'd be a whole lot of whining.. (which we're used to, but still..)  **ALSO, if we did NYC we wanted to try a vrbo,com 2 bedroom/2 bath condo or apt option..  for some reason, this scares me. Not scared to do a hotel. but we simply cannot afford a 2 bdrm hotel in NYC (whereas we can an apt rental..). We really won't know what we're getting into, you know?

The beach would be pretty simple, stay at the beach/pool almost all day, break for naps, go out to eat, the end. BUT there's the stress of cleaning off two tired/sunscreened-up, wet, sandy sticky kids multiple times a day. Does not sound fun! All the beach gear.. all the sand.. 

Probably overthinking, but crap, this is our first trip in like 1.5 years!  Advice? 


Re: NYC or the beach - with kids.

  • why not find a place that as both? like LA? san francisco? san diego etc...

    and i dont beleive car seats are available in cabs or necessary-so you'd have to tote the car seat around all day just to use in the cab? eek. take the subway and save yourself the trouble. you can also break mid-day for naps-just go back to the hotel/apt.

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  • I'd probably bite the bullet and go to NYC.  Maybe all of the new sights and sounds will distract your daughter from her usual ways? 

    As for VRBO....  I just booked my first apartment with AirBnB (same thing as VRBO pretty much.)  And?  I'm feeling great about it.  I was hesitant, too, at first.  But then you start looking at places.  And reading the reviews.  Some look like crap and those are the ones you avoid.  Then you see some lovely ones with raving reviews and you get really excited.  (At least I did.) 

    Anyway, maybe I'll change my tune after actually *staying* in the place we booked.  ;)   But for that price in that location, I think I'll deal!

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  • I would vote for the beach. I just took my guys to the beach. They are 4 and 17 months.  Its a PITA to deal with sunscreen and toys and getting out to the beach, but once you are there, its easy  easy. I found they loved just playing in the water. I would say:

    1) If you are flying for free from your husband's job, splurge and get a cart with wheels for all your stuff. It will make your life SO SO very much easier. 

     2) Splurge for an umbrella or sunshade. 

     3) Go on 12-24 months on the bump for all the tips you could need in taking little guys to the beach. 

    4) Once you get there, the beach is pretty inexpensive.

     5) Go out on to the beach somewhere that has showers to rinse off at the end of the day - makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE with keeping kids happy when they are not salty and sticky on the way home.  

    I would be scared of NY with the kids as mine do not do well just to walk and walk, and museums would only go so far. Each kid is different so you know your best.  

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  • My vote is for the NYC. You can enjoy beaches anywhere, they are almost same. But, having NYC trip will always last in your memory forever. Also, going to beach with small kids is a bit risky and dangerous. So, avoid beach and go for the beautiful city.
  • Honestly, I'd save NYC for a couples only trip or wait until my 1 y.o. was a little older.  I'd go with the beach.
  • imagechelljqueen:
    Honestly, I'd save NYC for a couples only trip or wait until my 1 y.o. was a little older.  I'd go with the beach.


    Also, if you think you'd be bored with just the beach, how about switching to South Beach in Miami.  There's definitley enough to keep you occupied other than just the beach.

  • i live in nyc with 2 kids ... i say do the beach.  a 1 year old who doesn't like a stroller is a huge recipe for disaster in nyc.  i feel like you would be stressed all.the.time.  pp had a great idea of south beach.  we went last year and it was a perfect blend of relaxation, fun stuff to do with the kid, and night life for the adults.  we stayed in a great condo ...  

  • How long of a trip were you planning? I live in Long Beach, NY which is an hour train ride (Long Island Rail Road) from Penn Station. The beach is right across from the train station and there are a lot of meal options nearby (some even deliver to the beach). Maybe you could do both things in one trip.
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