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Help! We've got a silverfish problem...

I don't know what else I can do... Our apartment building is 108 years old (needs some major fixes, but rent is cheap and we're saving to build our house, so moving is NOT an option). We've bombed about a month or so ago but the stupid and gross bugs are still coming out! I am unemployed so paying for Orkin or Terminix to come isn't an option. I don't mind fogging again but if 1 application isn't working... Anyone have any ideas? Also - we're leaving in 4 days for 2 weeks...

Re: Help! We've got a silverfish problem...

  • I feel bad for you. Those things are nasty and scary. Ugh. I found this site:

  • You said you're renting--does the landlord not take any responsibility for bugs?  We've had a horrible waterbug problem this year and we've been bugging them about every week to spray or come up with another option to get rid of them. 

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  • Does your landlord help? I would look to see if there is something in the contract about bugs and what the landlord does. 
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  • Google for a place to order Dekko Silverfish paks- they work wonders :)
  • Along with the article above, I would recommend vacuuming with borax and baking soda. Sprinkle this on your carpet then let it sit for 15-30 mins and vacuum it up. It should help kill all the bugs in the carpet. I tend to find them hanging out in between our stairs so make sure to get in all the cracks and edges by stairs, walls, etc. Also, if you have books try to put them in containers instead of laying out...I find some in my old books (ones I haven't opened in months).
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