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Neuroma experiences?

First off, I'm a newbie so hi, all!

And on to my question...  If you've had Morton's Neuroma, what did you have to do to get it under control?  Icing, shoe inserts, more drastic measures?

I'll be making a podiatrist appointment tomorrow morning (I don't know for sure that it's a neuroma) and I understand that everyone's experiences are unique, but I'd like to hear your story. 

As some background, I recently finished the Couch to 5k program, and I've been feeling a little pain in the bottoms of my left 3rd and 4th toes off and on for the past few weeks.  It never hurts while running (only while walking barefoot or in socks), so right now I've backed off from running and I'm wearing athletic shoes as much as possible, icing, and taking Advil, which is starting to get a little old.  :)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Re: Neuroma experiences?

  • Hello! I work for a podiatrist....obviously its good that you are going & getting it checked out by a specialist.

    Icing, advil, OTC shoe inserts (like Spenco's) or orthotics (shoe inserts that are custom made to fit your foot), or injections are your more conservative routes....after that only surgery can really help!

    HTH! GL!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • I had a Morton's Neuroma a few years ago. It was to the point that I could barely walk, let alone run. It started out feeling like I had a rock stuck in my shoe or my sock was bunched up. After that, it just got worse and worse.

    Finally, I went to a podiatrist and tried icing, taking time off, changing sneakers, and a cortisone injection. None of it worked. What did work was a special alcohol injection that the podiatrist inserts into the pinched nerve in your foot that essentially deadens the nerve. I had 2 shots of that, and it cured me. IMHO (and I'm obviously not a doctor), don't even bother with the cortisone injections b/c even if they do work, they eventually wear off and the pain will come back. Instead, get the alcohol injections (if you google alcohol injections and neuroma, you should get more info) b/c in my opinion, they are more effective.

  • Thank you -- this is very helpful.  Of course I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be one of those super-responsive patients and easier things like OTC remedies or prescription orthotics will help.

    kafunder, did you lose any feeling in your foot or toes after the alcohol injections?

  • Oh & ditto the Alcohol injections...much more effective then cortisone...

    But like pp's said, we're not your Md, & we're not you...every person is different!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • I did not lose any feeling in my foot except for a tiny spot on the bottom of my foot at the injection site where the nerve is. But, it's really  hard to tell if I actually lost feeling there or if my feet are so gross and calloused after years of running/marathon training that I can't feel much (sorry, gross and TMI, I know).
  • When my neuromas are aggravated I just ice, elevate my foot/feet and take advil and I also massage it. To help prevent I make sure I don't put my foot into an arched position (like how your foot is if you have high heels on...or how it is when you are doing lunges.)  So I avoid shoes with really high heels (I don't really wear shoes with heels higher than 2.5 inches, but also a personal preference as I am a klutz so would probably fall wearing heels higher than that anyway.)  I also make sure the heels are chunky heels. 

    I also do not do lunges bcz that will flex the foot too much and cause my neuroma to get aggravated.  (I can do stair lunges bcz my back foot can stay flat.)  That is about all I do. I do not have inserts (tried them, they did not seem to help) and have never had any cortisol injections or anything. 

  • arghhh...the Nest ate my long post!

    Anyway, I just got back from the Dr from my 3rd alcohol shot.  I can already tell the difference and now I can go past the 3 miles without my foot going numb!!!  My Dr recommend getting 7 shots total,....I'm not sure I will get all 7, but I will definitely get at least a couple more to make sure we kill the sucker! ;)

    I have some posts related to the Neuroma and the shots on my blog, if you are interedted.

    Good luck!


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  • Thank you, thank you!  It's very helpful to know more about possible treatments.

    tklepacz, when you do treat yours with icing, elevation, massage, etc., are you able to completely eliminate the pain or just reduce it?

    Rosewhite, I did check out your blog - thanks!  It sounds like you really worked to get the neuroma taken care of and keep going, which is very admirable!  For me, it took me two months to be able to run 5k so I'm willing to back off a little bit but I'm not interested in stopping.

    I was able to get a podiatrist appointment for tomorrow afternoon (never thought I'd be excited about that but whoo hoo!) and I'll post an update afterward.

  • haha, I know how you feel.  i was excited to go get my shot today...hello? who gets excited to get a shot!!!?...but it's working and that's what matters!.  It makes such a big difference.

    Make sure you're also using proper shoes.  After I identified the problem, I noticed my shoes didn't have much toe room, so I went and traded them for the wide version and went 1/2 size bigger.  That also really helped!.

    I'm also trying to not wear high heels or tight shoes too much, but sometimes you just don't have an option.

    Keep us posted and good luck!. 


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