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If you have hardwood floors, do you use a steam mop?

We have hardwood in our entire downstairs and someone recently told me to try a Shark steam mop.  I'm wondering if there's validity to this and if it cleans well.  I'd love to hear your experiences and/or what mop you use.


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Re: If you have hardwood floors, do you use a steam mop?

  • You can, but you can also easily damage them by doing this. The mop presses the steam (water) down into the cracks and can cause the flooring to crack, lift and bubble.

    For deeper cleans, I use Murphy's Oil soap mixed with some warm water and I do a handwashing and dry up any puddles or larger amounts of water with a towel. For regular weekly cleans, I use a Swiffer Wet Jet.

    Have had good results with no damaged flooring.

  • My husband usually vacuums our hardwood floors once a week, and I use a Shark steam mop about once a month. I have yet to notice any damage from that, although it might be harmful if I did it more often. As it is, though, I'm happy with the way it cleans.
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  • Hardwood floors are made up of a good quality boards and its surface is so smooth that only mopping is enough to remove the stains. But mopping with shark stream once in a week or a month is enough for removing the stains. The hardwood floor can loose its shine if you mop it with shark stream on daily basis so use shark stream as less as possible.

  • I do..every week. I have never noticed any problems and our floors are over a 100 yrs old! :) When we bought our steam mop we were told its perfectly safe unless you leave it on and sitting in one stop. Like I said, never noticed a problem. Good luck.
  • I haven't tried a steam mop.  We use a swiffer filled with Bona wood floor cleaner, and that works just fine for us.
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  • Dishsoap (or vinegar) + hot water + microfiber mop = clean, shiny, undamaged floors

    I used to have a Shark steam mop, but it left my floors all streaky and hazy, it didn't actually clean that well and what it did do took twice as long as just mopping them normally. IMO, it's junk.

  • We have both hardwood floors and a shark steam mop. We have to get our floors refinished before we use it because the cracks between each plank aren't filled in completely. Therefore, if you put the steam mop on that portion, it would get into the unfinished part of the wood and warp it, or damage it in other ways.

    If your floors aren't old, or have been refinished recently, then you shouldn't have a problem.

  • Don't get the Shark. It doesn't get hot enough. I did a lot of research and we got the Enviro Steamer. It is amazing. Read the first review - seriously!
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  • I had a shark steam mop that I used on tile floors but after moving into my house with hardwood floors I upgraded to this one because it gets much hotter (and has better reviews) and doesn't leave water on the floor like the shark did. I am very pleased with it.
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