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My father-in-law and his new "fiance" are visiting my husband and I. My FIL and I do NOT get a long by any means and everyone knows that we only tolerate eachother bc we have to. They have been here for about a week now, I've been biting my tongue pretty much every day. Until last night, when all of us were sitting around the house and the fiance decided to ask our opinions on their current problems. Supposedly (I think this is true), FIL has been using dating sites and trying to meet up with other women. His fiance, asked my husband and I if it was possible for him to get hacked/things like that. To basically see if he was lying or not. But who really comes out and randomly says something like that? My husband and I are not close with his fiance. Is this not awkward to anyone else? I don't want to say anything to her or answer her questions, bc I know it will be taken as "Oh she just doesn't like me" but obviously he is cheating on her and if she's asking my opinion, should I give it?
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Re: Awkward.

  • I?m sorry, but not to sound rude, may I ask why your FIL is staying with you guys if you do not get along with him? What does your H say about his behavior?

    If that were me, I'd totally have him stay in a hotel. 

    As far as your FIL's fiance asking you guys this kind of stuff, I would just stay out of it because you already have a not nice relationship with your FIL, best to just keep your 2 cents to yourself. 

  • This is truly none of your business - and if she asks questions like that I would remind her of that. Regardless of the nature of your relationship that is incredibly rude of her to ask.

    Stay out of it...

  • She wants YOU to give an opinion on whether or not their computer has been hacked to reflect multiple searches and dates on dating sites?

    How the hell would YOU know? Do you have special skills in computer hacking or something?

    Say, "I don't know" because .... well, you don't know. Do you?

    Do you want to say it's highly suspicious that someone broke into their computer and made it look like her FI is trying to meet and date other woman? Sure, why not? You don't like him and don't think they are being hacked, so say so. Do you really care if he blusters "Oh, she's just being mean to me! because she doesn't like me!" Does anyone doubt you don't like him, or really think he's being unfairly and strategically hacked?  

    I guess my advice is to NOT get involved. Or at least wait until their last day to say the MFer is lying .... In Your Humble Opinion.

  • Tell her woman to woman, "This is not good. He's looking to cheat and if you were a smart woman, and you are, you'd get out of Dodge immediately." Tell her once. She either takes your advice or doesn't...she can't say nobody told her so.

    Good luck with this one. Your FIL sounds like a peach...and looks like he's a rotten peach, at that.:(
  • Oh, that is an awkward situation. I would probably reply with something along the lines of, "You know, I'm not really sure, but I would prefer not to get into the middle of the issue."
  • imagechloe0712:
    Oh, that is an awkward situation. I would probably reply with something along the lines of, "You know, I'm not really sure, but I would prefer not to get into the middle of the issue."




    Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
    I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!
  • Thanks for the advice! 
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  • They're mainly staying with us bc my husband thinks it's not that big of a deal. He knows I don't like him. I don't think he realizes that I can't STAND him. I tolerate him for a week, once a year. I feel bad telling my husband all the things I can't stand about him, bc it is his dad and they have a close relationship. My husband is one of those people that nothing bothers him. Including his rude father. 

    I'd prefer him to stay in a hotel. On the other side of the state (lol I know that was immature) I just can't stand him. 

    Basically the questioning has stopped thankfully. And ended on "Someone has all of his information, and is looking for women in the town around where you live? Interesting." And I've kept my distance on alone time with her so it can't come up again. 
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