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The Bump scares me so....

I thought I'd ask you ladies a question or two. After two years of TTC we're finally 5 weeks pregnant. We haven't told anyone yet because it still seems kind of weird. I don't have a doctors appointment for two more weeks and I had a couple of questions I was wondering if any of you could answer.

1)When would I be spotting? I don't understand entirely what I'd be looking for or when it would happen. I've taken two tests that came back positive and I've been having mild cramps on and off for the past week. Am I looking for a period-style amount? Sorry if it's gross.

2) I've never been a gym rat, but I do enjoy exercising. How much should I be cutting back on? I'm a bit overweight and had been doing WW (and lost 20 lbs in the few months prior to becoming pregnant) and have changed eating habits and such. But I don't want to put on a ton of weight. I'm already considered obese and I'm pretty short, so yeah... Not saying I'm trying to lose weight, but I want to stay active and increase my back, leg, and arm strength so the weight isn't too hard for me to carry and also to try and keep up some level of endurance. Does any of that make sense?  Sorry... Like I said, I would ask my Dr, but it will be a new Dr and I don't know how she is with answering questions before ever meeting a patient. Thanks for any answers!

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Re: The Bump scares me so....

  • Why does The Bump scare you?  It is very likely that if you did a search on The Bump with these questions you would find several articles and discussion threads that would answer your questions. 

    I will answer your questions, but I have only ever been 12 weeks pregnant (I had a m/c at that point) so information on the Bump is probably better.

    Why do you think you should be spotting?  Implantation bleeding is a form of spotting, but not everyone experiences that. 

    I was very active before I was pregnant and my OB told me to keep up the exercise.  The only thing she had me stop doing was ab exercises.  I think most people are told to keep up with their current fitness level, but don't try to increase the intensity level while pregnant.

  • It's not that the Bump scares me as much as the women who seem to frequent it do....

    The only reason I ask about the spotting (re:implantation bleeding) is because it seems EVERYTHING lists spotting as an early sign and I was wondering about how long into the pregnancy this would happen, or if it was one of those symptoms not everyone got. 

    The information about exercising sounds legit. Of course I'll ask my Dr when I go, but I was wondering if anyone had advice/info.

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  • 1) The only reason I found out I was pregnant after being told I "wouldn't get pregnant naturally" was because I was spotting for almost a month. The doctor told me to take a pregnancy test before coming in and there you go! If you're spotting at all in your first trimester it's worth a call to the doctor to see what they think. They'll probably get you in sooner.

    2) If I were you I wouldn't do too much exercise wise until you have your doctor's appointment. Once you hear that everything's ok you can go back to what you were doing in most cases. My doctor told me to cut out heavy lifting but stay as active as I had been.

    Good luck!

  • image MBush4:

    It's not that the Bump scares me as much as the women who seem to frequent it do....

    The only reason I ask about the spotting (re:implantation bleeding) is because it seems EVERYTHING lists spotting as an early sign and I was wondering about how long into the pregnancy this would happen, or if it was one of those symptoms not everyone got. 

    The information about exercising sounds legit. Of course I'll ask my Dr when I go, but I was wondering if anyone had advice/info.

     Oh, that's one of those things not everyone gets. If you're not spotting and you have positive tests you're fine.

  • Thanks! I appreciate your insight. It gave me a bit more peace of mind.
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  • I'm 5 weeks along as well! Congrats!

    I don't have my first dr appt until I'm 8 weeks. I feel that's horribly long from now, but I'll make it. I didn't ever spot during the implantation time...whenever that was. I do still have cramping and I'm learning that it's mostly when I'm gassy.

    On the exercise, I've read that you ease up (mostly, or all the way I'm unsure of) on the ab exercises. I'm going to start walking more. I'll listen to my body on when I need to stop and don't go further than that.

    One last thing, the book "What To Expect When You're Expecting" has helped me immensely! Please go buy that and read like you've never read before! It's amazing. My crazy MIL got it for me and I'm loving every second of it.

  • I second what to Expect When Your Expecting. I feel that it is a great book and you will learn a lot from it.

    If you did not start spotting on implantation don't give it a second thought. Not all women spot. Also no one experiences pregnancy exactly the same. 

    Congratulations on the little one. 

  • I never spotted with either of my pregnancies and ended up with 2 healthy babies, so don't worry just because you aren't spotting :-)
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  • From what I've heard, you can spot from implantation, which would be roughly around the time you would've had your period, or a little later. I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and I've never spotted, BUT I know it's very common to spot throughout your pregnancy. I was always very crampy, to the point that I had to stop working because the cramps turned into contractions. But, my mom never cramped. Everyone's different. My OB told me as long as I wasn't cramping intensely and bleeding heavily, it was normal.  As far as exercising, you can continue doing what your body was used to doing before you got pregnant unless the doctor advises you to stop for a medical reason. As long as you're getting proper nutrition, exercise and taking prenatals, you're doing what you should be.  Make sure you ask your doc all these questions when you get an appointment.

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  • I'm 23 weeks today - and I spotted through my whole first trimester and even sometimes now.  I was very active prior to pregnancy and I continued almost everything.  The rule as I understand is that whatever you were doing before pregnancy, then it's okay as long as YOU feel fine.
  • I haven't spotted with either of my pg's.
  • This is a few days late, but the advice you get here or on the bump is not going to be as good as the advice you get from your OB.

    I never spotted, not a drop. I am 30 weeks tomorrow. Also, I am still working out at an intense boot camp class that involves ab exercises (lots) several times a week. My OB is okay with this because I had been taking the class for a while before getting pregnant so it is nothing new for my body. I also ran a half marathon at 17 weeks pregnant.

    Back to the bump - the first tri board has a lot of silly posters, but if you look through some of the boards you will find answers to your questions. Also, I recommend joining your birth month board. I love mine and learned a lot from them. Good luck! 

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  • You need to find a message board on theBUMP which works for you.  For me, when I was pregnant I used the Getting Pregnant board...then we all followed eachother into 1st Tri, 2nd Tri & 3rd Tri :)

    After all of our babies were born though, due to time issues, it kinda left us out of touch, my e-friends haven't jumped on theBUMP boards in a long time because I sent some PMs, with no response.  I just hope everyone is doing well :)


    1.)  Implantation Spotting may/may not happen.  Menstrual cramp sensations are really common and almost scary...just drink a ton of water a day.  I think the recommendation is 8-8oz. glasses per day, also I hear potassium helps with cramping and bloat (ie. Bananas, etc.)  

    2.)  Do your normal amount of exercise which you normally would daily.  Don't over exert yourself.  Many women exercise their "normal" routines up until their 9th month...but modify it as their sense of balance goes awry with a 9 month belly. 

    Have a little spiral notepad, write questions you may think up in the next two weeks.  Remember, try to relax. 


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