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Christmas Gifts

Who are you buying gifts for this year?

What are you buying them?

I don't know what to get anyone.  I know it's specific to the person, but I am just curious what you guys are doing.

Re: Christmas Gifts

  • Money's tight.

    My family is doing a small Secret Santa thing based around Christmas ornaments.

    DH's family is focusing on our baby nephew. But instead of buying him more presents (his grandmother buys WAY WAY too much), we're just putting money in his college fund.



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  • Compared to the size of our families we actually buy for very few people.

    13 yr old niece - box set of Twilight (great BN.com coupon)
    10 year old nephew - two Nintendo DS games he wanted
    2 yr old niece - not sure yet - have to ship to Europe so something small.
    6 mo old niece - cute clothes (yea Osh Kosh B'Gosh outlet!)

    I got my Sister in our grab-bag and DH got my other sister.  Not sure yet but limit is $75. 

    We gave DH's brother and SIL a "date night" - movie theatre gift certificate and a few restaurant gift certs.  They are really hard to buy for. 

    We have to do DH's parents and my Mom.  I am thinking of getting my Mom Broadway tickets. 

    DH and I are just getting each other something for the new house - not sure what yet.

  • My sister- new diaper bag

    6 month old Niece- couple of toys (Mozart cube, ball popper) and some outfits

    BIL- Amazon giftcard

    DH's parents- Lost season 4, restaurant giftcard, couple of movies and books

    SIL- scarf, some jewelry, DVD

    friends that are married- we decided to exchange ornaments this year that we think best describes each other's relationships hahaha this will be fun

    My parents- an LCD TV :- They're definitely our big ones this year but we spent the same on both of our parents with our joint money and I'm using some personal money to spend a little more on mine as kind of a parent gift from the wedding. We'll probably get his parents something a little bigger next year.

     Then there's DH... I'm still trying to figure that one out =)

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  • I made a list in Word, would you like me to send it to you? It's 3 pages long and about 85% done.
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  • I have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all my gifts from this year and previous years ( no duplicates). This year however will be small. Between school and the economy and the money we spent for the wedding, we need to recoup.

    DH- Iron Gym and something else????????? 

    Parents & grandparens- Sad to say their parents albums are their gift this year. I did to make the personal  with a picture of them from my childhood and a nice poem in the dedication page.

    My Sis- Amazon.com gift certificate. She's a college student and can use it to buy books or cd's or something.

    DH's family has never been into gift giving, even among themselves, so I'm not sure how to handle that. None of his family gave gifts at the wedding, but his mom did buy us a picture frame and she has bought me X-mas and b-day gifts in the past. They are not gift givers, which I fully respect, but it's a tad awkward. Whenever I ask DH what to do- he says nothing ,so his side of the family is not on my list.  We may get SIL's gift cards to amazon.com or walmart as well.

  • My Mom- Wexford serving tray 5X9

    Dad- electric screw driver, and swim trunks

    Oldest sister- clothes

    DH- boxers, DVDs and possibly gym membership

    MIL- grill set with a temperature fork thingy, and a taco holder that she tried stealing from us.

    SIL- Alabama flip flops (favorite team)

    My brother- swim trunks, and some tools that are camo

    Nieces- each got 2 pair of cloths, a toy, bubbles, a picture frame for one, hair things for one of them, umm I think that is about it.

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  • DH--Bunch of video games, sweaters, movies, etc.
    Mom--blanket, movie, houseware crap she wants.
    Dad--clothes always wants the same thing
    SIL--cookbook, frame
    MIL--cookbook, TBD
    GPIL--oak tree, bird feeder
    GMa--DVD player yeh, that should be fun to show her how o use it, alzheimers and all!)
    BIL--movie, clothes

    Can't think of anything else!

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  • Mom, Sister, SIL, Brother's Girlfriend, Godmother:  necklace and earring set from etsy--I have one too to tie all the important women in my life together
    Dad:  book and father daughter dance pic(we just got our prints from our photog)
    Brother:  Wii game
    Brother: Silver coin(he collects)
    BIL:  XBOX live points card
    MIL: book and keychain I had made with pics of her dogs
    FIL: History of Sushi book and sushi making kit
    BIL: gift certificate
    DH: clothes--its all he wanted and said I had to go smaller this year

    Friends: a variety of stuff from Sephora

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  • Our price range for everyone worked out to be about 40-50.

    Mom and Dad: Garmin (went in with lil bro)

    FIL: California wine club (went in with DH's sibs)

    MIL: Visions Cookware dutch oven (went in with DH's sibs)

    Little Bro: Target gift card

    BIL1: Banana Republic sweater

    BIL2: Wii charge station, random DVDs

    SIL: 2 sweaters from Gap

    My Aunt: Banana Republic sweater

    My Uncle: Banana Republic sweater (creative, eh?)

    My Uncle's Family (my aunt, uncle, and 8 kids): Box of Christmas cookie goodness. Cookie cutters, cookie jar, oven mitt, hot cocoa with Xmas marshmallows, etc.

    My 4 college friends ($5-10 price range): Sock monkey ornament, diet coke ornament, scrabble tile necklace, chipotle gift card 

     DH: I don't know yet!!

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