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Dh's brother died this morning

from an overdose. I don't know what to say to my husband. this is the first death I've ever known someone close..... what do i do

Re: Dh's brother died this morning

  • Very sorry to hear about the loss in your family.

    I don't really think there is anything you can say. Just be there for him and his family. 

  • srgwsrgw member
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    I'm so sorry. Just be there for him.
  • Uggh...that's awful. I'm so sorry.

    Just hug your husband and try to do whatever he needs. I'm sure he'll appreciate your being there for him. 

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  • Providing food for people in mourning is always a good thing. They need to eat but often do not have the desire, time or abiilty to cook meals.
  • {hugs} I am so sorry.  The only thing you can do is be there for him. There is no magic button, magic thing to say, etc.  Everyone handles grief differently, but you might have to be patient with him. 

    My husband & I lost a very dear friend 4 years ago, not from overdose though... from a heart attack. Sometimes it feels like we're still grieving, and it was 4 years ago.

    I think the most important thing you can do is let him go through everything his own way.  Let him know that you're there for him no matter what, but for the most part... let him go through what he needs to go through.  

  • I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I hope that you and your husband can lean on one another as you go through the grief process.
  • I'm so sorry, that's horrible.  You really just have to be there for him.  That's really all you can do.  When my family is going through hard times, I try to focus on the love we have for one another and how much stronger it makes us.  Just band together and be there for him and your family.  Again, so sorry and please accept my condolences.
  • It's very tough to be going through this for the first time yourself and then having to support someone through it as well. Last summer my grandfather passed away, and that was the first time in my adult life I had dealt with death. My husband was my rock. He thought of things to take care of that I didn't because I was grieving, didn't get upset when I pushed him away because I needed some time to myself, and was there for me to hold me when I cried. He was willing to do anything anybody needed him to do. Just try the best you can. It's a hard time to get through but you will.
  • So sorry for your loss!


  • A overdose of what?
  • I'm so sorry. 

    And ditto PPs.  There isn't much you can do but let your DH grieve and be there for him.

    I lost a very close friend a few months ago suddenly and unexpectedly.  DH did exactly the right thing.  He hugged me, told me he loved me and said that he would be there if I needed anything.

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  • I am so sorry for your loss. Just be there for your husband and ask him what he needs.
  • you can't 'do' anything except be there to console your dh and listen to what he needs-if he needs to be left alone for a while-leave him alone. if he needs to cry let him. people grieve in different ways.

    i'm very sorry for your family's loss.

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    from an overdose. I don't know what to say to my husband. this is the first death I've ever known someone close..... what do i do


    Congratulations! Oh wait....

  • sacmarsacmar member
    I am so sorry to hear this. My DH lost his sister a few years ago. I wasn't sure what to say or do either. I've never lost a sibling. I just tried to be there for him. I think it helped him to know I was there anytime he needed me. That's the only advice I can give. 
  • was it suicide or accidental overdose? i ask because if it was suicide your dh may have feelings of guilt along with his grief. so maybe be prepared for that, but like everyone else said, just be there for him to talk or hug or cry. he may need alone time. 

    i'm sorry for your loss. 

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