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Missed birth control question

I get my pills shipped every 3 months. This shipment was late and then I went out of town.  I missed a week of taking them. WWYD? Start from the beginning of the pack, skip the month, or?


Re: Missed birth control question

  • You missed the first week?

    Start now and use a back-up form of birth control for the entire month (probably 2). Your period should start a week later, and then resume 3 weeks after you start your next pill pack.

    Next time, ask your doctor to call-in an emergency pack to your local pharmacy so you don't miss your start date. 

  • If it was me - I'd just skip this month and go with alternate BC and start back up again after your next period but that is just me.  If you do start your next pack now, you absolutely should double up on BC just incase.  The good thing about waiting until after your next period to start again is that you'll have an extra pack incase your delivery is late again. 
  • You can start your pack now and you should use back-up BC for the first 7 days- after that you are ok to just use the pill.

    If you read the instructions that you get every month in the packet it will explain it to you.

    (It's basically like you are starting the pill for the first time instead of just continuing the cycle you had already been in)

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  • Just make sure you use something - the last time this happened to me I got KU!
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