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Anyone around tonight?

Re: Anyone around tonight?

  • Hi. Hanging out... Doing some work for the volunteer job I have.
  • I'm here. I went to the bead show today, and I ran errands and I got a Christmas tree! I got a 3' tall white tinsel tree from OSH for only $22! I'm not decorating it yet, maybe some time later this week. Right now I'm eating some dinner and working on making some chili for the rest of this week.
  • I wish we had our tree already! 

    We will go get our tree on the 10th. We have to wait until after MIL's birthday.


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  • Presently I'm watching tv while the laundry finishes, DH is playing warcraft. Dh made burgers for dinner and decided to experiment- it was not so good, plus he way undercooked them at first so my stomach is recovering from that. My plan for tonight is to plan out which schools I'm going to send resumes and letters of reference to and try to figure out some timetables for doing all of that.
  • Relaxing,watching TV. I just got back from going to Target and Chipotle with a friend.
  • I was watching TV with the fam and am now starting to get ready for bed - super tired for some reason.
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  • Did some Christmas shopping at Target..all the little kids are done :D Trying to figure out what to get my mom and MIL..they are the hardest people to buy for! Other than that, a lazy Sunday..which is so nice sometimes.
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  • Im here! Just working on some school stuff :-/
  • I'm here. Just got back from going to a Christmas thing in the park by my mom's house. Helped take the nephews around. Now I'm home with a grumpy DH (not sure why he's so dang grumpy) and stressing about school.
  • I'm around...not doing much. I'll probably go to bed soon - I'm tired from the long weekend. TOmorrow should be interesting going back to work - my boss never responded when I told her I was quitting. She jsut said she had to go to a meeting and never responded to my follow up email.
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  • I'm amending mine- I finished figuring out schools to apply to and I fixed my resume. Now we are watching MASH(we got the entire series on dvd and are slowly working through it).
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