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We have a mouse/mice. ?We can hear it in one of our walls at night, and my husband has seen him in our laundry room. ?He's ready to go out and buy poison (D-con - the kind that makes them thirsty and leave in search of water before croaking - ugh). ?I've read that peppermint oil is a natural deterent. ?DH is skeptical. ?Any experiences with pepermint oil...or d-con. ?Thanks!!!!

Re: Help..Mice!

  • Wow - i just logged on with the same complaint.  We caught 2 mice since yesterday using the traditional snap traps.  They really work.  I thought of using the poison too, but then the mice might die in your walls, kinda gross.  I don't know about peppermint oil, but I heard if you plug any holes with steel wool, they won't be able to come in from outside.  hth!
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  • I am a huge fan of the snap traps as well, we have used glue traps and they always seem to get away with that. Also have used rat poison but they die a slow death as seen them crawl very slowly across the floor and that is pretty gross and they could die in a corner somewhere and start rotting and you cant locate them for a while so snap traps would be my vote and load up the trap with peanut butter and cheese
  • I think traps or sticky traps are ideal. I don't like D-con because the mice eat it, run away, then die. Then you have to hunt for the dead thing. Sometimes it can be in the wall and then you're smelling the rotting mouse.

    The best thing we use is cats. But not everyone wants cats.

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  • Good old fashioned snap traps are the best for getting rid of the ones you have.  Try to find out how they are getting in and plug the holes (mice can get in through very small cracks - like 1/2 ")  D-con is dangerous to pets and people as it causes their blood cells to blow up and they bleed to death internally.  It will do the same to pets so I avoid poison at all costs.  If the mice are in an attic or you have a huge number of them in a garage you can make a homemade mouse trap that will drown them.  You can google the directions (my brother lives in the woods and has used this method.  It is also good if you have a camp or cabin that you use seasonally).
  • If you know where the hole is, fill it with steel wool to keep them out.  We use this trap and you don't see the mouse unless you empty it and I make my H do that.  The light flashes green for 12 hours when the mouse is caught and then you can reset the trap.  It just looks like a black plastic box and you put peanut butter inside.  We also got little round plastic things that plug into the wall and emit a noise thatonly the mouse can hear to deter them (pets maybe able to hear it, but we don't have any).

  • Thanks for the input. ?I did make some phone calls about peppermint oil - well, that's out as an option. ?The local health food store sells in for $42/oz. ?Forget that. ?I'll have to consider traps.... ?Hard to stomach though for a mouse killing virgin. ?
  • We had mice, used the snap traps with peanut butter.  It seemed to work in that we were catching them, and we would let them out a ways down the street near some woods, but it seemed like they kept getting back in.  That, or there were just a TON of mice in our walls.  We even tried to seal up spots where we thought they might be getting in, but they can get in holes the size of the end of a pencil.

    We were sick of having to keep re-setting the traps after about a month and felt like it wasn't getting any better so we eventually called an exterminator.  He said they may die in the walls and cause a slight smell (yuck) but we figured it couldn't be THAT bad.  It was about $200, but it was well worth it to us to not have to hassle anymore.  It's been almost a week and we've already noticed a huge difference.

  • Glue traps and posion are unbelievably cruel! 

    The most effective and humane way is to buy a humane live trap (Home Depot).  The reason they work the best is because when you think you have one mouse you usually have more--and the live trap can trap 5 at a time.  Once you catch one it draws others into the trap so you can take it somewhere and release them all.  You're happy.  The mice are happy.  You just have to check it everyday because you don't want the smell of dead mice.  It can take a day or two until they find the trap--fill it with cereal and peanut butter.  Be sure to place the trap right up against the wall because that's how mice travel--just along the outer perimeters of a room.

  • FYI about poision.....

    The mice search for a water source.  Most of the time they go outside...but if you have water in a kitchen sink - they'll go there.  That happened to me, and it was SOOOOOOOO gross.  I was washing dishes that I had left overnight to soak, and there was a dead mouse floating in my sink. Ick!

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  • We haven't had a mouse problem since we got cats.
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