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Child Care Costs (Roc)

Not pregnant, and not currently trying... but ideally, we'd like to TTC this coming spring/summer.  I'm trying to get things figured out in terms of a budget.  We obviously want to make sure we can afford a baby before we go and have one.

Our biggest concern is the cost of daycare.  I don't really have too many friends who send their kids to daycare in Rochester, and the ones I do have, I don't feel comfortable about asking.

If there are moms on here who wouldn't mind sharing about the average cost of daycare for an infant, that would be very helpful.  If not (which I understand), does anyone have any suggestions for how I can find out?  I think researching specific daycares would be taking it a little too far for right now...

Re: Child Care Costs (Roc)

  • My friend just chose her daycare recently and I believe she said they ranged from about $160-$220 a week. She ended up going with an in-home which was like $180 I THINK.  I just feel so fortunate to have family willing to watch my baby once I return to work!

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  • Hmmm, OK.  Thanks.  I know the rates get slightly cheaper as the child gets older.  I had heard somewhere that for an infant, it was possible that the weekly costs were between $260-300, so I'd be very happy to hear that the $160-220 range is more accurate for this area.

    And yes, you are very lucky to have family to watch your baby!  I wish we were going to have a similar situation. We have a lot of family in the area, but everyone works full time.

  • our rate in bflo is $39/day until hes 18 months, so around $800 a month. it sucks & i have no clue how we'll afford to have 2!
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  • "Good" daycare's in Roc (east side) run about $1200 a month for a full time infant. I have worked in most of them, and a good judge of good and bad.
  • June... I'm assuming you're talking about actual centers as opposed to in-home options, correct?  I've heard they are generally more expensive.  The in-home vs. center debate is a big decision, too. 
  • Yes! In home will be less expensive, as long as you do your homework you can find good care. I am a nanny, which is another but even more expensive route. It is a HUGE decision, never to early to start looking into options!
  • I don't know how people afford this!  We both have decent paying jobs (nothing great), and it seems nearly impossible that we'll be able to swing affording a baby.  It's insane.  But we know there are tons of people out there who do it with even less money. 

    People keep telling me, "No matter what you have, you always find a way to make it work."  I wish I could believe them.  Ha!

  • We pay 250 a week for an infant - center on the east side.

    When we got pg, we started taking $250 out of our paychecks per week and just put it in a saving account. So we had time to get used to not having that money. We dipped into it quite a bit in the beginning. You have enough stress going on with a new baby  - you don't want to have to deal with that money not being there on top of it.

    With the $$ we saved, we payed for the baby's things - furniture, gear, etc. 


  • we are going to be paying $250/wk for in-home care in Henrietta. ?That is expensive for in-home, but we can drop off as early as 4:30am and she'll keep him overtime at night till 11pm. ?With our schedules, both of us often having to be at work before 6am and working 60-80hrs/wk, this is a lifesaver. ?We certainly couldn't use a center and I can't imagine what a nanny would charge for our hours!
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  • When Alexis was 1 and in daycare in Roc, we were paying $40 a day.  It was more expensive for infants though.  She was in the toddler room so the price went down a little.  Where we are now, we paid $180/wk for Emily for full time care when she was an infant.
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